Choose The Clothes For Thin Body

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Do you have a skinny body? Many women who want to have a thin body. For those of you who have a thin body will tend to more easily find clothes that fit the model. However, this does not mean that you can choose the clothes she wanted, because one can choose a dress can make you look very thin so it looks less attractive.

Suggested clothing

Some clothes are recommended for you who were thin. Some of the following types of clothing can make your body look fuller. Models to choose from, among others:

Clothes that have wrinkles or ruffles

Wrinkles and ruffles detail will give effect to the body fuller.

Clothes that are made from knitted

Knitted material is thicker than other materials, then the knitted material is suitable for your body is thin.

Wearing clothing with stacking model

You can be a few pieces of clothing, for example, use a shirt with a vest, vest, or sweater.

Use clothing with a silhouette of a firm chest

Supervisor or overalls with a silhouette on the chest will be a sweetener that will make the appearance more attractive.

Use clothing with a pattern of horizontal lines

As generally known, the horizontal line will give the impression of the body dilate. It became a motif that is suitable for making the body look wider.

Use clothing with bright colors

Bright colors like white, yellow or pink to make the body look bigger.

Skirt with model rimple

Skirt with folds like a model rimple make your lower body look fuller.

 Clothing that is not recommended

Type or model that can give the impression clothes should be avoided in order to slim down your body does not look even thinner. Clothes that are not recommended, among others, as follows:

Clothes that are too tight

Because it is too tight and attached to the body, it will affirm your body shape. When the body is much too skinny and you want to disguise it, avoid clothes that are too tight.

The model in loose clothing

Although you should not wear clothing that is too tight, does not mean you have to choose clothes that are loose. Clothes that are too large, will make your body gets smaller and thinner.

Clothing of flimsy material and loose

The material is thin and loose clothing does not help to add volume and body will make the body look more lean.

Clothing with a pattern of vertical lines

Vertical lines will make you look thinner lines generated effects.

dark-colored clothing

Dark colors give the impression of thin, so if you do not want to make the body look thinner should not wear clothes with dark colors.


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