Watch Out, Thirsty Can Make You To Be Fat

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When thirsty, especially in the middle of the hot weather, people usually prefer to eat cold and sweet drinks rather than water, because it feels more refreshing. But as long to enjoy cold drinks, many do not realize that they had ‘contributed’ a lot of calories for his body.

Beverage consumption in the world is increasing during and after the 20th century. In his study, Dr. Barry Popkin found an increased consumption of sugary sweet drinks. So also from the American Heart Association, which revealed that in 30 years, human caloric intake increased by about 150-300 calories per day. And half of the cause of the increase came from caloric beverages, particularly sugar-sweetened beverages.

These results are not surprising. Today many people from various backgrounds and ages, from toddlers to adults consume more calorie drinks instead of water. On average, people aged 19-39 years mengasup 533 calories per day, and sugary drinks is a ‘contributor’ main caloric excess.

Soda, is one of the drinks that contain lots of sugar and calories. But there are many more delicious and refreshing drink which accounts for a lot of other caloric intake, and cause you hard to control your weight if you continue taking them. Some high-calorie drinks list that should be restricted consumption, namely:

– Soda: 65 calories

– Ice Lemon Tea: 90 calories

– Energy Drink: 140 calories

– Creme Frappuccino: 240 calories

– Milkshake: 280 calories

– Fruit-flavored drink: 120 calories

Several types of beverages above are not only high in calories, but calories are not making your stomach full. That is, although it has to consume extra calories from drinks, your desire to eat food with smaller portions does not arise. This causes the body’s caloric intake is increasing every time you drink a sugary drink.

So from now on, if you appreciate a beautiful body shape and ideal weight, do not just pay attention to the type of food, but also a drink that is consumed. When thinking of buying iced cappuccino or strawberry milkshake with cream, consider again, is it because you’re thirsty?

If yes, drink beverages that can really their body hydration without filling it with sugar. Mineral water is a safe choice, but tonic water with 125 calories is not the right solution to eliminate hunger. A cup of green tea a healthy drink low-calorie thirst reliever, but choose a warm or cold green tea with no added sugar. If you drink green tea with sugar and milk, ready-prepared to accommodate as many as 200 extra calories.


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