Windows 7 Start Sale End This Year

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Operating system that Microsoft developed Windows 7 will caparison computer as soon as possible. Windows 7, which is a continuation of Windows Vista, start can be used by companies at the end of the year 2009 or early 2010, followed by retail thereafter.

Development of Windows version 7 is triggered by the development of hardware, and the growth of mobile computing rapidly. According to the Windows Client Product Manager of Business Marketing Organizations division Indonesia Lukman Susetio Microsoft, Windows 7 is at least 50 will be equipped by the new features.

One of these features is DirectAccess. This feature automatically allocates the file has been downloaded by an employee from a source network to the intranet in the office, so if there are other employees who want to download the same file, he does not need to download the source from the beginning. This will save bandwidth.

In addition, there are other features, such as features that personalize the user’s desktop wallpaper possible change in term time is selected. Lukman, said the version of Windows 7 beta at this time can be downloaded by people from the beginning of the year to 10 this upcoming February.

“We estimate the beta of Windows 7 will be downloaded by 2.5 million people. Thus, we hope will get feedback from the community,” he said at the ceremony Media Outing, Thursday (28 / 1) afternoon in Bandung.

Meanwhile, for the user interface on the Windows 7 beta, Lukman go, there are likely to change. He is also proceeding, Windows 7 will be out in several versions. For the price, he said will not be much different from the price of Windows Vista.

To the future, Lukman will promised more transparency in the development of Windows-Windows more. “We will try to go out once every three years,” specifically.


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