Work In Case of Illness Can Create The Brain Damaged

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The brain is an organ of the body’s most vital and important for human survival. As quoted from detikhealth, the human brain consists of more than 100 billion nerve are each associated with 10 thousand other nerves. The brain is a vital organ which is the control center of the central nervous system.

Brain organize and coordinate most of the movement, behavior and homeostatic body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, body fluid balance and body temperature. The brain is also responsible for functions such as recognition, emotion, memory, learning, motor and all other forms of learning.

For that the brain needs to be maintained and cared for, if not the diseases that damage the brain can occur. Therefore, it is better you know the nine daily habits that can make the brain become damaged and try to avoid it.

1. No breakfast

People who skip breakfast will have a low blood sugar levels and lead to inadequate nutrition in the brain, whereas brain needs adequate nutrition to still be working. Due to lack of supply of nutrients, especially glucose, ultimately the ability of the brain was rapidly declining.

2. Smoke

Everyone knows smoking is not good for health and bad for the body’s organs. Especially for the organs of the brain, smoking can cause the brain to shrink and lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Nerve cells will shrink in the hippocampus and cortex functioning before storing memories.

3. Excess sugar consumption

Eating too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of protein and nutrients so the body will experience malnutrition (malnutrition) and eventually interfere with brain development.

4. Air Pollution

The brain is the organ most widely consumed oxygen. Inhaling air full of pollution will reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain and ultimately reduce the efficiency in work.

5. Lack of sleep

Sleep will make berisitirahat brain. Sleep deprivation in the long term is tantamount to killing brain cells slowly because the brain continues to be forced to keep working.

6. Head covered while sleeping

Sleep with your head covered pillow for example, will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide into the brain. When breathing with closed head, breathe the carbon dioxide will go back into the body and it is certainly very dangerous.

7. Keep working in a state of ill

Just as the habit of sleep deprivation, forced myself to work or study in the pain condition is not good for the brain and will cause the brain to feel fatigue. As a result, brain cells were damaged slowly.

8. Rarely speaks

Conversations will help a person to continue to activate the brain cells, let alone a conversation that ‘smell’ intellectuals. People who rarely speak will let the brain cells die slowly because they never turn it on.

9. Rarely stimulates the mind

Thinking is the best way to train the brain. Less stimulating the brain with a variety of things will cause the brain to shrink. Brain cells will die because there is not anything that makes the brain grow.


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