A Family Is…

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A family is a collection of persons having different opinions and attitudes, but all of them are bonded with a thread called relationship. In a family we can see different persons with different positions. Father is the head of the family and mother is his better half. We can enjoy a lot with our siblings like brother and sister. A joint family consists of elders like grand father and granny as well as uncles and aunts. It will be more pleasure if we have cousins, nieces and nephews.

We all have a cute family from our birth till our death and enjoying a lot with our family members. It is very hard to see a person without the family bonding. While we are in the family relationship, we have a lot of fun and enjoyment with our parents and relatives. Our family members are always with us to share our good as well as bad. Without family it is very hard to imagine our life.


Father and mother is the back bone of the family and guiding their kids in a good way by teaching a lot of good things to them, if it is a joint family, grand parents will tell a lot of stories to the kids and the children will enjoy a lot with the granny’s story. 


Family reunion and functions will give more pleasure, if we are living in a nuclear family, this kind of reunion is the time to meet our relatives and share about our life incidents and events with them. Also we have a great party and lunch with this kind of gatherings, it is the best time to share our real love and affection with our family members. We must be blessed to have a great family and always like all your family members and don’t forget to show your real love and affection to them.


Hope every person is enjoying a lot with your family members. Family picnic and vacation gives a lot of pleasure to us and most of us take a lot of photographs on the special occasions to keep the sweet memories in our mind forever. Most of our life time are spent with our family members and we shared, learnt and enjoyed a lot with them. Without our family, it is very hard to imagine about our life. Family & family members playing an important role in every persons life


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