Simple Project Management

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All businesses, whether small or large, need a method to keeping things organized, especially when it is time to start a new project and hire freelancers or virtual assistants to help with certain tasks. Organization is the key to a successful business and with the software available today, businesses can enjoy simple project management in the form of software applications that allow them access to team members from around the globe, while keeping track of tasks completed and ones the that need done. This type of software allows the administrator to assign team member and those teams can communication with one another to keep up-to-date on their assigned projects.

For simple project management, there are a few things administrators need to do to get the project started. The first step is to assemble the teams and dole out their individual roles within the project. The next step is to define the project’s objectives to make sure the team understands the overall project. The third step is to define the project scope, so that all members understand and agree, as this is the time to split into sub-projects or phases. By this point all team members should have a detailed task schedule and plan in place.

During the next step in simple project management, the initial plan should be constructed, so that the administrator will have an idea of when to expect completion of various tasks. It is now time to add the resources, costs and risk for the project. This means the team will have a framework to better manage events that occur beyond the project team’s control. Publishing the plan is the next step, either in hard-copy or electronically depending on the resources available and it is given to all involved in the project that has any stake in it.

The next few steps in the simple project management plan is to routinely collect progress reports, analyze the collected information, adjust any task or other elements accordingly and manage any project changes, until all tasks are complete and you have finished project. Using a type of program management software can make each step easy and also make keeping track of team members, time spend on tasks, budgeting and communication a more simple process. With the software, you can also have team members working around the clock to finish tasks on time and on budget. There are many different types of software to choose from, so find one that fits your business needs.


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