Guaranteed Weight Loss Without Dieting or Pills

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If we think of our bodies as the finely built machines that they are, it is obvious why fad diets almost always fail. A machine needs the proper fuel and maintenance to run at peak performance, and diet foods do not always deliver enough octane to run a quality machine. Providing our bodies with the proper fuel allows us to actively burn off the necessary calories to lose weight without starving, which can lead to binging. Proper diet and exercise combined with common sense is all you need to lose weight and keep it off.

When you begin a diet and stick to it, you will start to lose weight, but eating only small amounts of low calorie foods will eventually bring your metabolism to a grinding halt, rendering your body incapable of burning  excess calories necessary to lose more than a few pounds. Depriving your body of adequate nutrients and expecting it to run properly is like setting out on a long road trip with nothing but fumes in your gas tank. You just wont get there.

Fueling Up

* Remember that your body is a temple and not a garbage can. Fill it up with the foods that will make it run smoothly not foods that will slow it down. Stick to whole grains, dairy products, lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Becoming familiar with the serving and portion guidelines of the food pyramid.


* Try new foods. There is a growing list of Super Foods that provide the body with high amounts of vitamins and help prevent cancer and other diseases.

*  Always plan your meals ahead of time. If you have the ingredients ready for healthy a stir fry when you get home from work, you won`t be tempted to pick up take-out or order a pizza just because it is convenient after a long day.
*  Stock your kitchen with herbs and spices. Cooking the flavors into your food will eliminate the need for fatty, sugary dips or sauces when they hit the plate.
*  Avoid store bought ” diet” dressings and sauces. They may be low in fat but are packed with sugar.
*  Stock up on healthy grains like dried beans and lentils, rice and barley. They are nutritious, low in fat and satisfy hunger. Try cooking them in different broths or juices for  added flavor.
*  Eat mini meals rather than three larger meals each day. Eating smaller portions more frequently will keep you from becoming too hungry and diving into a bag of cookies or chips.

Set Realistic Goals
You are never going to be satisfied with your weight if you set unrealistic goals. When you are 5` 2″  tall and are determined to look like a 5` 10″ super model, you setting yourself up to fail. Concentrate on getting back into the jeans that you wore when you were at a happy weight. All of the dieting and exercise in the world won`t make you  taller.

Do It For Yourself
Losing weight for someone else is a recipe for disaster. Doing it for someone else will have you setting deadlines and goals for yourself that are unrealistic and often unattainable, and could lead to low self esteem if you feel that you have not done as well as you could have. You may also start feel resentment towards the other person.

Recognize A Good Thing
When you started your weight loss journey, your goal was to get from 185 pounds down to the 125 pounds that you were before you had children, but no matter how hard you try you can`t get under 135. Why are you so upset? Look in the mirror at have a good look. You are already 50 pounds lighter than when you started, your butt is tight, your legs are toned and your tummy is no longer hanging over your waistband. You might not have reached you goal, but in trying, you are slimmer, you have more energy, you are healthier and you look great!

Don`t Get Bored
Without a doubt, performing the same exercise routine every day is going to get boring and make you want to give up. Pick the exercises that you enjoy the most and do them daily, and leave the ones you don`t care for for every second or third day.

Feed You Body Not Your Mind
When you find yourself getting stressed, don`t reach for ice cream or cookies to help ease your mind. They might make you feel better going down, but they are not worth the guilt you will feel later on. Instead go for a brisk walk, go for a jog or anything that will keep you from eating those high fat comfort foods.

Don`t Worry If You Slip
If you overeat once in a blue moon: don`t sweat it. One slip isn`t going to undo everything  you have worked for. Just remember that the more you deprive yourself from small things, the more likely you are to slip back in to your old habits.


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