Male Body Parts that Women Find Sexy

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Below are the lists of five (5) sexiest male body parts that I find really, really sexy and I am confident that most female will agree with my line up. Here it goes.

1. Eyes

Eyes are every man’s secret weapon. A saucy stare can make most women melt. But men beware; don’t stare as if you just escaped from prison. Instead, stare as if you saw an angel, it is also a sure way to flatter a woman.

2. Lips

Women like to kiss and to be kissed. This makes men’s lips a very important part of the male body. But the lips are useless if a man is not a good kisser. The quality of kiss will seal the sexiness in every man.

3. Arms

Arms are major source of attraction for me, not too big and bulky. The arms represent the masculinity of a man. The curves and bumps, ooh I love it!

4. Abs.

Men need not have a rock solid six-packs abs to be sexy. As long as you have a toned, flat abs and as long as you don’t have a beer belly, you’re just fine. But some girls find a little belly a little sexy.

5. Butt

After seeing their eyes and lips, watching them walk away can be just as satisfying. And nothing beats a cute peak at their butt.

The above list is just a personal choice and do not represent the entire female species. And as a final note, a sexy body is not a guarantee to a sexy and successful relationship.


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