University of Tears ,department of Shame.

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Life is a university but no one knows there graduation date .Some were born with silver spoon ,others were born with wooden spoon ,there are also a lot of others born without spoon at all .If you are born without a silver spoon prepare  to attend the university of tears .If care is not taken you may start your  year in the department of shame. This university is the greatest molder of characcter ,of course adversity is  the greatest molder of character. It is during the university of tears that you will  learn what the best citadels of learning in the world will not teach you.In this school,you will realise that you have no friend .  It is not as if you have failed,it  is just that at this school,nobody gives you a chance to succeed ,so your  friends ,if any, are going  to be few

In this institution of learning,if you have a boy friend or girlfriend ,some of them are going to scamper for safety.   This is where the men are seperated from the boys. At this point many people lose there focus and miss their direction but strong men and women persevere and get refined to reign .This institution is not exclusive ,it is free for all .Only those who realise that it is not a punishment but a school, will be able to learn whatever lessons that are involved and thereby  hasten there graduation period   .However, those who believes that it is a punishment ends up missing the lessons and prolongs there graduation date  .Gold must pass through fire before it becomes valuable ;that is what happens in the university of tears,passing through fire.

Ask many great men today ,you will realize that most of them passed through this university.  Many of them are graduates today because they never took it as punishment but as a learning curve .They pesevered and today they have found most of the lectures in the university of tears, department of shame invaluable in there lives  and career. When you find yourself  in adversity,it is not a time to quit,or complain.  Rather ask your God to bring you the lectures of that experience camly  and gently inorder for you to hasten your graduation period. Remember winners never quit and quitters never win.


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