Safe California Hcg Diet Vs Dr Simeons Hcg Diet Side Effects

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“Losing weight, fighting obesity and getting perfect shape can be baffling. Among plethora of weight loss programs, diet protocols and products, an ordinary person willing to lose weight, often succumbs the idea of losing weight altogether. The confusion becomes more chaotic when after religiously trusting a diet plan results are nil and the side effects generated more. It is therefore pertinent for all dieters and weight loss enthusiasts to be able to know which diet best suits there weight loss needs.

It would be interesting if a step-wise-step analysis of two very popular diets is done. It will bring forward why Diet doc’s California HCG Diet is healthy for weight loss in comparison to the side effects of the outdated Dr Simeons HCG diet. Judged on the following few parameters:-

1) Calorie Intake – Without any arguments it has been established that right eating and diet are foremost needs to lose weight. Losing weight under no means imply that dieters need to be starved and cut on there nutritional needs. This is what exactly Simeons HCG diet does. It restricts its diet to a calorie intake of 500 per day. It is risky and hazardous for the heath. Most dieters following this protocol complain about muscle fatigue, extreme exhaustion and lack of energy. The side effects of Simeons HCG diet are explicit.

Contrary to this HCG California Diet works on an 800 to 1000 calorie diet. This HCG California weight loss program never restriction dieters to particular food or specific dietary group.  Nor are lotions, shampoos or cosmetics debarred from being used. Additionally, there are various scrumptious HCG diet recipes and diet shakes interwoven into the diet plan to supplement the rapid weight loss. This makes weight loss with California HCG Diet a tasty and healthy weight loss.

2) Medically Supervised Diet – Another factor which most diet plans ignore is the necessity of dealing with weight loss on medical terms. This is where California HCG Diet outdoes Simeons HCG diet.  There is a whole Diet Doc team of specialized clinical staff qualified in dealing with weight loss. Before doctors, weight loss coaches and nurses treat patients they get an extensive training to deal with weight loss on medical terms, something which is not given ordinarily.   
3) Planning For Dieter Specific Needs – Does ever one-size-fits-all? No not all. Then how can one weight loss program or diet plan redeem same benefits for all. While Simeons HCG protocol fits all dieters into one collective diet plan, HCG California Diet does not.

4)  Genuine HCG – No doubt HCG induced weight loss is quick and effective. But the condition is specific to the use of authentic HCG. Most diet plans use adulterated, over the counter HCG which is neither FDA approved nor safe to be used. The California HCG Diet specifically uses HCG under medical supervision. There is also a “certificate of authenticity” invariably given to dieters. This is a proof that the HCG used by this diet is coming from FDA approved licensed pharmacy in USA.     

The above mentioned points must have helped you decipher how good weight loss diet differs from bad.  Weight loss is complex; it requires an equally scientific, authentic and well guided weight loss program to bring out positive results. So always go for a genuine weight loss program like HCG Diet California.For more information please visit to :


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