Customizing Your Printed Envelopes

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With the wide range of high tech marketing strategies today, it’s no wonder that a lot of businesses invest on them. The convenience that these strategies provide is something worth looking into especially if you are a small business working on a limited marketing budget. However, despite the widespread popularity of modern marketing techniques, there are still traditional tools that prove to be effective and important in marketing a business. One of these is the envelope.  

There are still instances when you need to send written letters and other correspondences to your customers and prospects. Perhaps you need to send recipients, compliment slips, or written invitation to them. All this will require an envelope. Envelope printing is something that has been used in the industry for a long time now. Aside from keeping your letter protected inside, this material is meant to promote your brand and promote name recognition. A well crafted envelope will speak a lot about your business and give your recipient a good and lasting impression. Of course, this will require you to create the perfect design that will get your brand instilled on people’s mind.

Here’s a quick guide to help you design your envelopes effectively:

– Put your logo on the layout. As an important branding element, you have to ensure that your logo is on your design. You don’t have to keep your logo printed on the upper left corner; you can also opt to print it at the bottom part or even in the middle. You can even create a watermark of your logo so it is printed on all parts of the envelope.

– Be unique and creative. It will help a lot if you come up with a uniquely designed custom envelope. This will let you showcase your image best and come up with unique materials that will stand out in the mail box. Remember that the more creative your envelope templates are the more eye-catching your material will be.  

– Personalize the appeal of your material. To do this, you can handwrite the name and address of your recipient. This will show your target audience that you took the time to write the letter inside so they might as well read it. A handwritten name will also add to the personal touch of your mail, which will likely make your mail look like a letter from a friend. This, in turn, will increase the chance of getting it opened.

– Paper color choices. Aside from the standard white envelope, you can use other paper colors for your material. It can be beige, grey, or off-white. It’s best if you don’t use dark colors as this will only make it difficult to read the texts on the paper.

– Size decisions. If you need brochures, catalogs, and other large materials to mail, you will need a huge envelope for them. It is best if you print different sizes for the different materials you need to mail to your customers and prospects.   

A good first impression starts with your envelope. If you can create the perfect look for your material, you are sure to convince your target audience to consider your offerings. This is only a small step that will help you reach your bottom line and make money in no time.


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