Five Ideas on How to Start Blog Even When You Have No Ideas Or No Money

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How to start blog start not simple when you do not any idea especially to amateur blogger. Although blogging is the simplest way to start your internet business and generating money from it, the actual facts is not as simple as said. It still become more popular each day because of its simplicity to setting up with minimum technical knowledge is requires setting it up and running. The statistics show that new blogs are increasing each day and its growth almost double. However after months of wasting time looking for guides and tips on how to start blog, the efforts wasted. Three months, that is the period of most of these blogs before it is being abandoned and not active anymore. Survey shows that the most answered reason is lack of ideas to update the contents on regular basis.

Every popular blog website start with great ideas and the contents always updated with fresh and different ideas. Great ideas make your blog stand out from the crowd and followed by loyal fans from all over the world. It not surprising to read twenty to thirty comments on a blog post from popular blogs. It must have a X factor that receives good impression from blog readers. The question is where this professional bloggers get ideas to update their blog daily. These are some suggestion on how to start blog like these professional bloggers.

Idea # 1  How to start blog by stealing ideas from popular blog or your competitors

You can steal other people ideas but do it intelligently. Because if you do not have something different to offer blog readers, you might consider to offer the same thing the popular site already doing? The niche and contents which already attracted thousands of readers is proven to be searched by lots of people. You just need to give the ideas more impressive and look at it from different perspective to make it unique. Spy on your competitors to look at the sites that have successfully captured a blogging audience already. It will determine if you can use some of their strategies to help you gain a larger following.

Idea # 2  How to start blog using tips from magazines and books as the source of ideas for blogging

Do not worry much because thousands of magazines and books available online and offline. From health magazine to gadget reviews, you just need to pick one which suitable with your blog. The great idea is to get the list of tips and share it with your blog reader. They will love you for the useful tips and for your effort to remind them the well known tips again. Do not forget to add your personality to touch the heart of your reader to the articles to give better impact. This is how to start blog by recycling tips from the magazine and books and post it to your blog.

Idea # 3  How to start blog by reporting latest news taken from Google News

People read news from the internet and it has become norms. The hottest news spread fast and people wants reporters who call give them more information. Extra research needs to gather more information on single news and structure your sentences to make it questionable. It not only satisfied your readers hunger by giving them more facts but also invites comments.

Idea # 4  How to start blog using article from directory

People write about everything in article directory to promote their products. You can just combine two related articles or make one articles the source of ideas to create few blog post. If you having problem to write or manipulate the article, just copy and paste it into your blog. But please respect the intellectual property of the writer by cites the source and author name. If you ignore the copyright of the article, not only you against law but it will also give bad reputation to your name in the internet marketing.

Idea # 5  How to start blog using PLR ebooks and articles for your blog post

How to start blog using other people articles? Does this trick work? Yes it does if you extract the contents from the PLR ebooks and article as your blog contents with simple modification of the sentences. Give your personal identities to every post and you are on your way to create your own fans. Fifty pages PLR ebook can contribute to almost 50 posts. Just schedule your contents posting by date and it will become an automatic blog and wait for the money to come (but do not forget to promote your blog).

Take action and update your blog now because small start will finish big if you have the determination to succeed. Implement the ideas and just add little creativity to attract more visitors to your blog. Loyal readers are your potential prospects who will turns as your customers in the future. Treat them well and feeds them with simple yet impressive contents. Do not worry much about your not so beautiful or less than perfect blog post. Just do it and believe me, what people say practice make perfect is actually true.

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About the author : Azaliha Abdullah is NLP and Hipnosis practitioners from Malaysia who started blogging from 2006.She provides useful affiliate marketing products review at


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