Avoid Suicide

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Recent survey mentioned that more than one million people commit suicide every year, really it is a great shocking news. Life is a precious gift from God and we don’t have the rights to end it using suicide. In short the persons who are end their life with suicides are great coward and don’t have the ability to face the real challenges of the life. Really the persons are very selfish, they think about them and forget about their family and friends and commit suicide to end their life. Their problem will be solved with their decision, but the other persons like their family members and friends will face unwanted problems and issues with their suicides.

Most of the people taking this kind of suicide decision while they are depressed and stressed. Don’t take 

any important decision while you are in stress, it will lead you to take some unwanted wrong decisions. 

Suicide may be the end of the life, but it is not the end of the problem, if you commit suicide to solve 

your problem, your family members are in need to face that problem as well as they will suffer with your 

loss. So never take this kind of suicide decision in your life, even don’t imagine about suicide for a 

single second.


Life is full of challenges and we must face it with our confidence. No one is free from issues and problems. 

Even little babies also have their own problems and struggles. But they have lot of confidence and learn a 

lot of things with their efforts. It is not easy for a kid to learn things like walking and talking at the 

beginning, they are struggling a lot and making a lot of efforts to get success in their activity and 

finally get success with their continuous effort. In the same way, we will achieve a lot of things in our 

life with our effort.


Nothing in life is easy to achieve, everything needs a lot of efforts and work to achieve. If you face your 

problems and challenges with your confidence and win over it using your determination, you will get success 

for your effort. So be bold and face all your challenges with your confidence. We can do anything and every 

thing, we all have a lot of power lies within us, just search your power to get success in your life.


A person who commits suicide don’t have the boldness to face the problem in his life. Simply he is do for 

nothing and his life don’t had any meaning. We born to face a lot of challenges and win over it, never 

forget it and achieve your target without thinking about the negative things in your life.



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