5 Employment Options For Felons – Employment Opportunities For Felons

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Employment for felons does not come any easier than employment for ordinary people. It takes effort, time, and hard work but if you wear your job seeking hat on and commit to the hunt, it is not impossible to gain employment for felons. Many complain that it is harder to score employment for felons because hiring managers treat their felony as a giant red flag but in many cases, employers cannot single out ex-offenders because they have to follow laws on equal employment opportunities, giving felons a fair shot.

If you are on the job market seeking employment for felons too, here are some careers that may well welcome you into their field without any hassle at all. Of course you have to put in the necessary effort but knowing that you have a place for employment for felons in these careers sure take a lot of pressure of your back.

1. Online surveys for money – This is a perfect field for employment for felons because there are no background checks necessary for the lack of direct contact. Generally, companies conduct market research on the demand and quality of their products and they employ a market research firm to conduct the surveys. This is a fantastic employment for felons because it pays good and it is also home based so if you are the type to work on your computer and fill out survey forms with enthusiasm, this is a great opportunity for employment for felons.

2. The military – Good pay check and good training are some of the benefits of employment for felons in the military. If you think this is the life for you, you can enlist in the Army or Navy. It does not guarantee instant employment for felons though because they do backgrounds check. Usually juvenile felonies do not take much weight but adult ones and serious ones at that do and they might be a cause for denial.

3. Entertainer jobs – Being an actor, a dancer, or a singer does not require one to be felony free so this is a good option for employment for felons. There are some producers or directors who even prefer ex-offenders because they have more depth and understanding of the stories they are trying to tell. One of the shows in HBO called The Wire used real life felons in the series. Patricia Pearson is one of those who got employment for felons in this field and she has pursued a career in acting as well as in writing.

4. Business owner – Starting your own business definitely offers great employment for felons and it will make good use of what education and training you have or have received from prison. It does not require a lot of background checking and you can go to any field of business that you interests you like maintenance, sales, or mentoring. Some businesses cannot be taken as employment for felons though like those that involve healthcare and childcare.

5. Real estate agent – The real estate field offers employment for felons because it does not require you to be felony free. In some states you will not get a license if you have been convicted but in others you still can. All you need to do to gain employment for felons here is to take some classes and a few tests and you can get going instantly. You may get asked about your felony charge when applying but no need to lie about it because again, it does not disqualify you for employment for felons here. If you have a good interest in real estate, this may be the employment for felons for you.


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