Solving The Account Limitation in Paypal

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Some people facing account limitation with paypal and don’t know how to solve this issue. We have the ability to contact them by sending email to them as well as calling them using the number provided in the site. If we are in need to send some documents to solve our problem we can fax them using the following fax number : (402) 537-5780, otherwise we can upload the necessary documents using the resolution center.

We don’t have the ability to receive payments with a limited account. So we must try our maximum to remove the limitation ASAP. Some times we don’t get immediate replies by sending mails through the contact us button. Most of the time we will get the automated reply, while contacting paypal through the contact button. The CC persons will reply to our mails after 4 or 5 days of receiving our complaints. If we want an immediate solution for our paypal problem, we can contact paypal using their twitter account.

Use your twitter account and send personal message to @askpaypal about your issue, you must follow ask paypal to send messages to them. Paypal CC persons will give timely reply with their twitter support, some times they will ask your email to send a brief mail and give your email to them through direct message of twitter and they will contact you through your email and help you to solve the limitations. This is my personal experience. My paypal account is limited due to the name problem and i solved my issue with the twitter paypal support.

Most of the time we will get the automated message if we contact paypal through the website help or support, better to contact them using their twitter id @ask paypal to get the human help, the customer service persons in paypal is very kind and try their maximum to solve our issues. They are giving a lot of good ideas to solve our issues, with the help of the CC persons, i solved my great paypal issue. I am interested in sharing my personal experience with online friends. Hope this blog will help the people whoever wish to remove their paypal limitation and searching ways to solve their problem. If you provide the necessary details and documents to paypal, it is easy to solve your issues with them.


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