Chat in Facebook Without Online Yahoo Makes it Simple

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Those who willing to chat long more time with their friends especially with girl friend but sometimes we cannot long more times in online, because you would not have chance to stay more online, I am not talk about who don’t has any work and stay always with their computer, we need to connect our face or messenger even we are not in the online.

Yes this is possible now yahoo corporation improved lot application in its messenger, this is the new future yahoo may not know, this is the trick working now for me and also to my friends .you will need only simple steps need to get works this trick, first of all you should have your own personal computer or laptop or tablet and you are the only person using this devices.

If you have these above mentioned just go with these, otherwise optimize above mentioned details, if you have answer yes next you should have yahoo mail id account if not just go yahoo website and sign up yahoo mail id, finish all information giving with yahoo account, especially your phone number is very important because you will going to use this phone number to chat, after entering your phone number you will get verify message , please connect you phone number successfully then you go to the first page of your inbox display area ,in left side you can see application button if you want to connect your facebook just connect your facebook account ,if you know your friends mail id just add contacts of them ,after connecting your face book come out from yahoo id, then search yahoo messenger in Google then pick up new version of yahoo messenger .

Install yahoo messenger in your PC successfully ,after installing yahoo messenger in your computer ,run the messenger in your pc ,first looks needs you enter mail id and password ,before that you should have face book account with yahoo id only ,after sign in the messenger you will see contacts and recent contacts and facebook option in y messenger ,just click the facebook and then new pop up will open you allow access the facebook account ,now it is all finish ,in y messenger click your name you will see your phone number already connected sign in your phone number ,then come out from yahoo messenger you will get message while your friends send message to your facebook account ,you can simply reply for that from your normal phone no need to smart phone ,go chat with like simply reply message with to yahoo.


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