The Content And Benefits of Vitamin C in Fruits

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Vitamin C is one vitamin that is needed by the body and serves to enhance the immune system. When the body needs vitamins and minerals sufficient, then all kinds of diseases can be prevented. Consuming vitamin C which also function as an antioxidant shown to ward off viruses such as influenza virus, so if we just meet this need, then we will more often have flu.

This vitamin is easily soluble in water so that when the vitamin is consumed than is needed, the excess is discarded in the urine. Because it is not stored in the body, vitamin C should be consumed every day. Average dose for adults is needed 60-90 mg / day. But it could be more depending on the condition of the body and endurance of each person is different. Maximum permissible limit for vitamin C is 1000 mg / day.

This vitamin deficiency can cause bleeding gums, canker sores, muscle pain or neurological disorders. Further deficiencies cause anemia, frequent infections and rough skin. While the excess vitamin C can cause diarrhea. When excess vitamin C due to the use of supplements in a long time can cause kidney stones, whereas when excess vitamin C derived from fruits generally do not cause side effects.

Foods that contain vitamin C typically are fruits and vegetables. Fruits that contain vitamin C are not always yellow, for example on a guava fruit with the highest vitamin C content that we consume. In fact, in some fruit, the skin contains vitamin C higher than the fruit. For example in the skin of apples and oranges, although not all of the fruit skin is edible.

The content of Vitamin C in Fruits (mg/100 g):

Guava: 183

Kiwi: 100

Longan: 84

Papaya: 62

Oranges: 53

Melon: 42

Wine: 34

Mandarin Oranges: 31

Breadfruit Fruit: 29

Mango: 28

Pineapple: 15

Bananas: 9

Avocado: 8

Fruits that you encounter turned out to contain lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C has many benefits, especially to help your endurance. Consumption of vitamin C naturally with always enjoy the fruits that are around you. Consumption of fruits that contain Vitamin C every day to maintain your body’s health.

So it’s actually healthy for life need not be expensive. Provided we balanced diet, adequate protein and vitamins in a balanced, your body will always be healthy throughout the day.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for you.


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