Don't Miss These 4 Lead Generation Opportunities in Social Media

Reliance upon technology has been a staple ingredient for success and competitive advantage throughout human existence. The engineering of the wheel enabled vendors to transport larger quantities of goods further distances at quicker speeds than rivals. The use of technological advancements opened businesses up to a larger market share, increased wealth and higher profits. As the industrial age arrived, more tools became available in forms of manufacturing and machinery. Assembly lines, automated workforces and electricity allowed companies to work faster and more efficiently twenty-four hours a day.

Presently, companies access components of gathered data and detailed specific statistics provided by various resources. From these records of information, they ascertain comprehensive reports about consumer markets and the health of industries in which they operate. Trends, preferences and social sentiment can quickly be identified frequently allowing organizations a closer watch on how consumer behavior and patterns can affect the economic outlook of business. This wealth of information is possible because of the public’s desire to gather and share knowledge.

Roughly 90% of households in the United States own at least one personal computer and 82% access the internet from home. In addition to many business professionals that establish LinkedIn accounts for networking and visibility, nearly two-thirds of the population has a Facebook account. From shopping to social media, people are plugged-in to the world-wide-web across all age demographics, and these numbers will continue to rise.

Social media is no longer just a fad, but a viable way of connecting with your customers. The use of Blogs, Tweets, Facebook pages and campaigns and other viable media channels on the internet offer a quick, low-cost option to market products, build brand awareness, and increase public recognition at a fraction of traditional options.

While using social media to engage your customers, don’t miss these 4 opportunities to generate quality sales leads.

Provide a Call to Action

Corporate blog space is a fantastic way for companies to provide valuable content to information-hungry prospects and customers, as well as inform customers of current and exciting new offerings of products and services. Turn your readers into leads by providing call to actions at the end of each post.

Provide Value

Boring, uninformative or grammatically incorrect content can lose quality leads that would potentially become new customers. People expect content that is understandable, relatable and instructive. Solve real business problems with valuable, relevant information about topics important to your customers.

Provide Links and Bios

People do business with people. The author’s bio is often one of the first sections read on a blog. Research includes looking up LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Capitalize on every opportunity to present viewers with a link to your business that might convert them into a lead. Use a signature line that presents this same, relevant link.

Referral Resource

The absence of a referral program and referral page can be detrimental to a business’ online success. “Like”, “Share”, “Follow”, “Recommend to a friend” are all referral process methodologies. Referrals may come from prospects and customers alike. Utilize contests and games to increase viral referrals., Businesses that offer a referral component can experience a significant increase in lead generation prospects.

Fortunately, social media is in its infancy. Possibilities and future expectations have yet to be realized as companies have a prime opportunity to establish and take advantage of the resources available. Many businesses are just beginning to see social media as a legitimate approach for advertising and sales generation. Eventually, it will become an expected method of conducting business similar to email and company web sites. Companies should take care to always present opportunities to engage with and convert prospects into leads.

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