Short On Cash Quick Money Making Tips

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In past days, the only way to quickly bring in extra needed cash was to obtain a secondary part-time job as a supplement to one’s primary employment source. Either that or start a paper route or do baby-sitting gigs.

Today, however, there are virtually endless short-on-cash money making tips to quickly bring in additional cash revenues; what you may have previously shrugged off as uninteresting, may very well become your meal ticket in these latter days of increasing economic instability.

This brief overview may help those in their endeavors to bring home more revenue and get one, if not several ideas, to help meet whatever financial need they may face – quickly.

Traditional Community Jobs

Kitchen Duty – baking cookies/cakes, canning home-made preserves or a home-based catering service has always been lucrative for Mom, Pop, Grandma and just about everyone else as well. Let the working neighbors know their home-made dinner can be ready as soon as they arrive home from work.  And be sure to have a “portfolio” of your samplings on hand.

Clothing – Making clothes alterations or sewing clothes is always a quick way to bring in some extra income; needless to say, a little know-how of sewing is a great help. In addition, is there anyone that can knit, crotchet or make pot holders? That will do for starters. Let friends at work or at church know about your skills and be sure to take samples along.

Mechanically Minded – I know of a pastor who supplements his income by repairing sewing machines. Another one who does auto tune-ups and/or oil changes and yes, one that mows other lawns. Yuk! Okay, but this does bring in short on cash quick money.

If someone has an old pickup or van, then it should not be a big deal to haul away debris, trash or even give someone a helping hand moving on the weekends.

 Specialized Assignments – the elderly or disabled are certain enough to need a companion to run errands, accompanying them to the doctor’s office or to the bank. If dogs are your predilection, then how about feeding Fido or walking him during the day? You’d be surprise. One may even work this into a dog grooming service.   

If you like taking photos with your digicam, you might think of selling your pictures to one of the many photo sites on the Internet.

Cemetery Maintenance – this is one which can generate quick money making possibilities. Most family members don’t have time to visit the resting place and take care of its maintenance; however, someone else may. Cutting the lawn, shining and checking up on the flower bases and keeping the place free of weeds can generate some quick seasonal cash.

Hard Times and Desperate Measures – Nothing new to these following ideas except more persons are engaging in these short on cash money making ideas than ever before. Selling one’s hair and blood have always been common, but now add donating human eggs and sperm — the field expands. Some are even going so far as to sell their body organs to be used in transplants. Anything to make enough sufficient funds to survive.

According to one recent MSNBC article, “increasingly, industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids, tissues and other parts for payments that can range from $20 to $50 a pop for blood plasma to $60 to $100 for a shot of sperm, $200 for a shiny ponytail and up to $7,000 for a fertile egg.”

And since the human body can regenerate plasma every 48 hours, today many center let donors come in twice a week to donate their wares. 

Best Ways To Generate Fast Income Online From Home:

Today, the Internet has greatly enhanced short on cash money making streams of income. Whether one is baking a cookie or selling one’s lawn mower machine expertise, by setting up a website or advertsing on a site such as Craig’s List, one’s services are made simpler to find. Actually, having one’s website is like having a glorified business card.

Writing – If one has a gift for writing even simple posts to a forum or blog, then one can probably generate income by writing either long or short articles on the net. Payments are upfront and are quite regular in frequency; as are the myriad of topics and writing assignments.

Following are three outstanding top web sites which specialize in providing writers, not necessarily experienced, a platform to exhibit their writing ability: Textbroker, Demand Studios, and Problogger Job Boards. Sites such as Factoidz and Associate Contents offer residual payments for one’s articles.

Build Your Own Website

However, by setting up one’s own website with a small user-friendly learning curve required, one can sell one’s own products and keep all the profits.

There is no end to the ways one can generate quick cash today. These short on cash money making tips won’t necessarily solve your financial duress but they may lessen the financial burden as being so heavy.

Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, Oct. 2011


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