How to Fight Pipa And Sopa

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Intro:  On Jan 18 2012, some of the most popular websites on the Internet went dark.  Here is why.

Step 1:   The congress of the United States claims that they want to stop online piracy and protect intellectual property rights.  Their chosen vehicles to perform these actions is some legislation that goes by the names of SOPA and PIPA.

Step 2:  One of the provisions of SOPA and PIPA that raises the ire of so many on the Internet is the provision to shut down websites found to be in violation of the act.  Some fear that this extra-judicial power may be used capriciously by politicians to shut up their critics and detractors.  Others fear that some companies and corporations will bribe the political system to shut down their competitors.

Step 3:  However carefully one tries to read a piece of legislation, since congress deliberately writes in perfect gobbledygook, you could never know, as an average and honest person what the legislation actually says much less what it is designed to do.

Step 4:  What can be even worse is that some in congress don’t even read the laws they vote on.  So you can’t even trust a politician who tells you  want is in a law or what it will really do.  One famous politicians intimated that we would have to let a particular piece of legislation pass in order to find out what it really does.

Step 5:  Certain principles are universal.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We know that congress and the president almost never willingly volunteer to weaken their own powers.  Almost any controls they try to convince you the law will put on them is a lie to trick you in to supporting them.

Step 6:  Our rights are not the problem and taking away or liberties is not the solution.  Washington DC has already passed legislation that brings the United States closer to Marshall law than it has ever been in peace time.  By using the magic word “terrorism”  the government can detain US citizens indefinitely with trial.

Step 7:  Since the politicians will never limit their own power it is the duty of good and honest citizens to do so.  Websites like Google,Wikipedia and WordPress have gone dark in support of the protest.  They also offer opportunities to sign petitions and become educated about the issues.

Step 8:  Politics makes strange bedfellows and on this issue Glen Beck is keeping company with folks who are further to left who may not agree with him all the time.


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