When Is It Too Late To Get Married?

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Someone might question this marriage and say, “They are too old to get married.”  But are they really?  There is nothing new about marriage.  Also, there is nothing new about why people get married.   Everyone has their own reason.   There are those that may feel they would rather be married than single.    Aretha although seasoned, ripe, and mature,   is still a Diva.    She realizes she can still bring the passion to marriage as she has to her  incredible singing.  

You might ask yourself, “Am I ready for marriage?”  How great is it  to make that choice of marriage? Yes, she is older than Willie, but what does that have to do with it?   She is getting it right at age 69.  She is still going strong. Congratulations to you Aretha. According to Associated Press, the couple will marry this summer possibly in Miami Beach, Florida;  This will be Aretha’s third marriage.   Who would not want to get married in the nice Sunny Miami Beach, Florida? 

Some might ask, “When is it too late to get married?”    A good thing about marriage is that it is not just limited to the young.    Love is  something that we all crave.    Not only does Aretha have a wonderful voice, she soon will marry  the love of her life.  What a great combination to have.    Think of how many people who  have let love pass them by to pursue a career.   Think of those that never took the time to consider marriage to someone, but rather  married   their career only.  Think of those that ignored a  chance at love.  

When you feel you have found your soul mate, even though they are not perfect, they are the perfect one for you,  you want to seize the opportunity. 

This Diva has risen to fame after being born in a two-room house in  Memphis, Tennessee. She did not let that this keep her from continuing with her music and love journey.   She has not lost her voice either at age 69.   This  famous Diva will  be 70 in March 2012. 

Just how old is too old to get married?  My conclusion is as long as you have breath in your body, it is never to late too get married.  What do you think?


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