Ambit Energy Review – An In-Depth Look at Ambit Energy

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Ambit Energy was established back in 2006 in Addison, Texas. In comparison to the history of other typical business, Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, the two creators of this company were having turkey sandwiches at Potbelly when they decided to jump into the business of energy deregulation. 

Despite of the fact that they did not directly know each and were acquainted thanks to a common friend, their meeting at the Potbelly resulted in making a huge difference in lives of American energy consumers. The aim of the two creators behind establishing the energy company was to offer quality electricity and fuel at reasonable prices and to take the company to new heights. Thus by gathering a group of executives and choosing to work in the most basic setting at a simple, rented office space, the foundation this energy company was set. Presently, this energy company has quite a reputation in Northern Texas and it continues to rapidly within the industry. 

Ambit Energy’s Products

This energy company allows consumers to make right the choice of receiving energy from to their house from it, through the deregulated energy option. While there many other energy providers that are presently operating in the United States; however there is a lot that sets this company apart from the rest. One of the most significant difference is that Ambit Energy not only allows provides affordable energy but also offers people the opportunity of becoming a part of the business model of the company. In comparison to the other typical energy providers, people are given the chance to sell energy on behalf of the company and gain a share in the profit for the sales made. Those who refer the company to those they know and succeed at making sales, not only receive cash from the profit made but are even offered free energy and travel rewards by the company too. Obtaining free energy by selling energy is therefore one of the greatest benefits for those who enroll with this energy company.

Ambit Energy’s Compensation Plan 

The potential offered to people for profiting from the company and at the same time availing affordable energy or even free energy, certainly makes it quite unique and diverse. Those who particularly have marketing experience will therefore find it quite convenient to gain profit by making sales on behalf of this company. The compensation plan from the company is referred to as an upfront coded bonus. This allows people to earn substantial amounts by being associated and selling on behalf of the company. One unique thing about the company’s compensation plan is that it offers two residual income streams.

There have been many people who have criticized the capabilities of the company’s model and their inability to sell energy on their behalf. The fact of the matter is that the fault does not really rest in the company’s model but the lack of marketing abilities. As long as people know how to market the energy provided by the company and have the right skills, they should be able to earn quite a lot by joining Ambit Energy.


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