Lair Defense Android Strategy

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Lair Defense for Android is unlike other tower defense games because you play as dragons trying to defend your eggs from enemies. There are three different types of dragons you can create to help defend your eggs. Most of the enemies in this game are immune to one of the dragon’s abilities so you will have to be sure to create all of the dragons strategically so that enemies do not get through to your eggs. In each level, there will be two specific areas that you should pay attention to. You will find platforms that you can place dragons on to increase their range and areas that will allow you to gain mana faster when dragons are placed on them. Mana is used to activate your fire and ice abilities that will greatly help your chance at winning. Make sure you use these abilities as often as possible when needed. Do not waste them if you are going to kill the enemies without them because the next wave or two might be difficult. Be sure to fill all of these spots with dragons because this will make beating each level much easier. After placing a dragon, the cost for placing that dragon again will increase, You should start out by setting two of each dragon on the platforms and mana spots. Try not to put two of the same dragon next to each other because this will make it harder to kill enemies that are resistant to certain dragon types. Once you have placed these dragons you will need to upgrade them. The first few upgrades will cost much less than trying to create new dragons and will increase the damage that each dragon deals. Some enemies will drop coins when they die, be sure to pick these up as fast as possible or you will lose them. You will also earn coins by completing each game. You can use these coins to gain new abilities and upgrade your dragons. Start out by increasing the amount of food you start out with when the game starts. This is a great way to get extra dragons out in the beginning of the game, making it easier to keep up with the enemy waves. Upgrade this until you have enough to create an extra dragon or two in the start of the game. Most of the other upgrades are even so you can choose what you want after that. You will not be able to unlock the last tier of upgrades until you have completed the game on normal mode so upgrade as much as you can before then. You can also replay each level if you need to unlock more perks before completing the next level. Upgrade your dragons as much as possible and find the best positions for each dragon to easily beat all of the levels in Lair Defense for Android.


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