The Minnesota Zoo Review

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The Minnesota Zoo is a family favorite pastime for many hours, and there are several new exhibitions. These newcomers are the penguins and Dr. Suess. The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley is located on almost 500 acres. This attraction is a popular fun and educational for the whole family throughout the year. Open 363 days a year the zoo has indoor and outdoor exhibitions trails.Currently the zoo hosts a series of bronze sculptures celebrating the life and writing of Dr. Seuss.

These sculptures are fun to watch and it’s worth taking a picture. The new penguin exhibit is open. Within walking distance of the new south entrance of these creatures can easily be read in their ExhibitsThere enclosure.Indoor are two new exhibitions that are completely inside. The path tropics, which has recently undergone some updating, and the exhibition aquarium where dolphins can be seen and planned shows of dolphins every day. The path is covered with Minnesota for the entire journey, but the sections are open to the wind and cold which this path is not really a path in the winter unless they are all wearing their coats.

 The route is tropical animals such as lemurs, Komodo dragon and a tropical reef where many colorful fish to see. The fish are fed at least once a day and the show is to see if you get a good spot. Check the arrival time for the daily feeding shows in the aquarium zoo.The tidal pool where children and adults can starfish and other creatures to get tide. There is also a large shallow pool with leopard sharks and rays that people can get. Beware the water is very cold and salt so it is important to wash your hands when you’re done. There are no sinks are available in addition to these findings. There is also a large display area of ​​the reef, where viewers can see sharks, fish and other marine animals. See if you can find a sea turtle swimming slowly around to the back of ExhibitsThere pool.Outdoor many animals can be seen on the slopes and open to the family farm, Wells Fargo.
 The path Russian sea otters, grizzly bears and a playground for kids dinosaur. The path of the north, tigers, wolves, and two outdoor playgrounds. Is there a playground in one third of the grain silos on the road to the farm. This is a great place to get in and out of the heat or rain. The paths are wide and paved with information beside each animal habitat.The Wells Fargo Family Farm displays can be reached by walking or taking a short ride on a tractor drawn trailer.

The company expects the usual animals, pigs, horses, cows and chickens. Season there are rabbits. The farm has picnic areas and snack shop right. There are daily milking demonstrations, and a space where children can feed the goats and sheep. Goats can be very aggressive when trying to get to the food so it might be a good idea to stand outside the fence to feed them when the children are small. There are brushes available to the animals, grooming, even if she can not stand still if another before eating it. The loft also has a small playground and within an incubator where the eggs are hatched regularly. The exhibition farm is a great way for children to discover the source of their food.The is more seasonal shows that it really is a playground for children. In the main square just outside the entrance of the path Russia is huge fountains of water spraying down on a large circular area. Children can play in this and get completely wet. It’s a good idea to have a change of clothes or a swimsuit for the kids into play if they want to spend. There are bathrooms nearby so it is difficult to quickly change and let them have fun. Water is not the whole year, so that visitors in late autumn to spring not have to worry about trying to get their child dry, but visitors should be prepared.It summer is a good idea to “read the brochure of information collected to go to the zoo.

 This card contains information about the daily shows and special events that can happen to the zoo. The zoo is a popular place to visit, and the crowds can be thick. If possible it is best to visit in the morning before others arrive. I highly recommend this as a favorite family attraction. Children and parents will want information on again.
Tips and tricks Zoo
1 return to Minnesota. Bring your snacks and food – the valve of the place is good, but expensive.
2. Bring a change of clothes for the children after they play in fountains
3 water. Bring change for the purchase of food to feed the goats on the farm goats
4. Look for the small star signs along the paths. These are part of the scavenger hunt.
5 Dr. Suess. Planning to spend some time on one or more of the playgrounds. There are two main playgrounds area
6 addition to large ponds. Race to the Farm Area. In summer, the chariot drawn by two horses farm.
7 life. Visit early in the day or late afternoon. This helps to avoid the crowd and when the animals are more active.
8. Bring a stroller for the little ones. The zoo is big enough that you may be tired for the day over.
9. Visit the granary on the road to the farm. There is a large indoor climbing structure for children to play and the air conditioned.
10. Watch out for employees in addition to cars. They often have life or other interactive displays for children to get up close and explore.
11. Visit the new and improved children’s playground next to the penguin shows. This area is part of the recently completed and is designed for children 1-3 years
12. If you plan to attend the zoo more than once or twice a year to consider a family subscription. This eliminates the parking fee, offers discounts in shops and pays for itself in three visits.Use these tips to your next visit to the zoo more fun for everyone in Minnesota.


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