Lecoultre Reverso Repetition Minutes to Rideau

And ‘the latest in the series of the Reverso, a watch with minute repeater driven by a real Venetian miniature coverage of the dial. When it is pulled back, it activates the mechanism of repetition which, in turn, the tempo by tapping chimes the hours, quarters and minutes on two gongs. By sliding the Venetian, you operate a sophisticated mechanical device that activates the melody of the minute repeater through a complicated system of teeth, gears and barrel which has about 270 members. The concept expressed by the Reverso with its tilting crate has completed 80 years last year. In the 30s the use of the clock in the sport made him feel the need to protect against the risk of breaking the glass, but no one had thought at first to run a case on its bottom frame displaying the most robust. The new Reverso Repetition Minutes to Rideau hides both sides putting behind a sliding shutter its face, as seen in some rare art deco timepiece. The Venetian, composed of 16 plates in 18-carat white gold, each 2.34 mm wide, it can in turn be slid forward or backward as the curtain of a theater stage. Activating a small slider on the side of the case from the beginning of the movement of the curtain to a wonderful concert also generated by the activation of the mechanism of the minute repeater. While the clock shows the time through the melody of the two gongs flying hours, quarters and minutes, the shutter falls again returning to the starting position and hiding the face. To get the best possible sound Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed from an entirely new form of gongs, used for the first time in the Master Minute Repeater 2007.

These are made from a special alloy from a single element, their section and square – not round, as usual – to provide a larger contact point of the hammer which, in turn, can strike with greater force so the underlying surface. The two limited editions of 75 and 8 units are fitted with a mechanical movement of manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 944 positioned inside a 18K white gold case. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Repetition Minutes to Rideau SIHH 2012 Movement Hand-wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 944, constructed, assembled and decorated by hand Frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour Items: 340 Power reserve: 35 hours Jewels: 35 jewels movement Thickness: 5.89 mm thick form of repetition: 1, 85 mm Bariletti charge: two 1,000 hours of testing chronometric Features hours and minutes on both sides, minute repeater Quadrant Quadrant pierced the front view of the minute repeater mechanism, covered bridges in ruthenium dial, perforated rear sight on the bridges of the movement Venise Version: dial front, perforated in view of the minute repeater mechanism, and bridges in blue gold Case 18-carat white gold Height: 55 mm Width: 35 mm Thickness: 12 mm elements: 270 items 2 sapphire crystal Water resistant to 3 atmospheres Strap Alligator with buckle in 18 carat white gold


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