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Business activity in indonesia at the start after independence. See the many opportunities to utilize existing resources to the foreign investors coming into the country and creating the infrastructure as well as manufacturing facilities to support the export or domestic markets. Most investors come from China, but the investor is mostly contained within the business that are not big but there are also some which have the capital to build a great business.

Business activity in indonesia is getting long, but since the onset of the monetary crisis in 1997-1998 investors who used to impart a large capital in Indonesia to stop their collaboration and prefer imprint investment in the neighboring countries. It all happened because of the leadership of the President at that time the value is not good to finally have a negar sagat big debt as of now, and the President shall immediately scaled back from Office by the people.

A thriving business in Indonesia now is already quite a lot and going forward. One of the business activities that are being advanced is a motor vehicle. Motor vehicles in Indonesia is mostly derived from the country sakura Japan. Many brands of cars, motorcycles, vehicles and other heavy vehicles coming from there, for example, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, HONDA, KAWASAKI. But not only of Japan there are also companies from other countries that automotive markets its products in Indonesia, such as Korea, China, until the Americans and Europeans are selling expensive sports cars.

The business people dare to compete with other countries and the countries of Indonesia because they assumed would reach for a considerable profit, it is because the demand of the society also increases. People now prefer to use the motor vehicle to facilitate or accelerate the time to destination and with the number of motor vehicles cause problems for us that traffic congestion and air pollution.

Not only is the world’s motor vehicles are quite advanced but also in the internet world, now many of the businesses that sell a wide range of products or goods they offer on the internet or on social networking sites like facebook. The business was not only parents or those who are already working alone but the teens had also started a small business because of the opportunities to do business.


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