Not Only Vitamin A, Vitamin D Also Help For Eye Health

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If you don’t already know it turns out that Vitamin D is not only good for bone growth, but also a powerful increase of vision and heart health
According to the researchers, vitamin D is an important element for maintaining the intake of the blood flow into the retina, thus helping overcome the eye disease due to aging, such as macular degeneration.
The research was done using rats fed a vitamin D young for six weeks. The results indicate a decrease in the level of beta amyloid, a protein compound related to the risk of alzheimer ‘s, in the eye and blood flow of rats, so as to make the mice experienced an increase in vision.

Professor Glen Jeffery of UCL’s Institute of Ophthalmology, who led the study, explained the small blood vessels that drain the blood to the retina become clogged by small molecules from time to time, this is what led him to experience irritation.
“In humans, this can lead to a decrease in the number of cells in the eyes of light reception of up to 30 per cent at the age of 70 years, thus causing decreased vision,” says Professor Jeffrey, as quoted by The Telegraph, Tuesday (17/1).
Not only that, the rats fed a vitamin D is also experiencing a decrease in the amount of amyloid in the blood vessels, including vessels of the aorta. This shows that vitamin D can also be useful to prevent a wide range of health disorders because of the age that getting older, from the reduced function of the eye to heart disease.
from Prof. Jeffrey adds, his say although vitamin D much contained in foods such as fish and egg yolks, 90 percent of vitamin D is produced by the skin with the help of sunlight. so consumption of vitamin D is good for Bones and also for eye health.   
In the form of supplements available today, vitamin D2 (ergokalsiferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Form of D3 has advantages, because more effective so that the dose needed fewer. In addition this may cause side effects are also less than with other types of D2. Vitamin D3 is also more naturally than vitamin D2, because this is the result type of the body after exposure by prodiksi radiance of the Sun. The product is usually the result of the production of D2 of mushrooms that have been subjected to radiation.

Food sources of vitamin D include the emngandung cheese, salmon, egg, milk and beef. In addition the exposure to sunlight can also change the vitamin D none became active in the body.


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