Self Defense Different Tools And Postures

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Interview posture

Place yourself in a comfortable position before any physical approach begins; stand with your feet apart at shoulder width, hands must be opened at chest level and tuck away your elbows, keep an eye on the aggressor at about chest level so you can see any hand or feet movement instantly. Ensure at least 6 feet distance from your attacker so that you have enough response time. This is a safe stance and you are ready to defend yourself. Tucking away your elbows means your body is protected and your hands remain close to your head allowing you to protect your face in the need arises.

Defensive posture

Keep your dominant side backwards so step back with your leg and the same shoulder backwards. This means if you are left handed, your left leg and shoulder are backwards. Notice that stepping back here instead of stepping forward only serves to increase the distance between you and the attacker giving you more time to respond. At this point, tuck in your chin, elbows in for protection of the ribs and hands held high for protection of the face. This may be an uncomfortable posture so it will do good to rehearse it often. Stagger your legs so that your base is broadened giving you more stability; further bend your knees to add more to the balance and keeping stable. This posture offers good balance and protection allowing you to quickly get into striking positions.

Tools from your body

Your body offers you a number of tools:









      Butt..and more

You could use anything actually! You could use different kinds of hits to get to your attacker and rehearse different ways of hitting at various basic targets like:





      Solar plexus



Whatever the size of your attacker may be, these are weak points for everybody. Here are some pointers to increase the force of each strike. When you scream with each strike, you achieve three basics. You startle your attacker, alert any individual around for help and finally, channelize all your fear into aggression.

In order to practice, when you are watching somebody or talking to them, you can seek out all the possible weak points and targets on them. Think of all the different strikes you can use for striking each of the targets you saw.

The main point you need to keep in mind for striking is to use all you have got; it doesn’t matter whether the style or kind of strike comes out of a book or not, if it works for you then go ahead and use it!


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