Self Defense How To Escape From A Hold

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By now we know that when the attacker stalks you, you take a defensive posture with your dominant side backwards. This way you broaden your base and make it well balanced making it harder for the attacker to pull you around. A quick hit to any frail area like the shin kick at this time can simply end the fight right away. If not, it will at least distract the aggressor into loosening his grip on you. You can use other distractions like slapping the head, poking the solar plexus, stamping his foot or even spitting.

Pull back on the arm that the attacker is holding and bring your free arm to the opposite side of theirs. This strike will cause double the effect of a simple hit or pulling. Additionally, when you do this, you are rotating your body and some of your bigger muscle groups are getting integrated against a simple hold making it easier for you to get free. Always remember to scream as you strike and hit the weaker spots:

o   Eyes

o   Groin

o   Throat

o   Femorals

o   Solar plexus

Give the strike all you have got, your life may depend on it. This surely buys you more time and if the attacker gets busy with trying to see or breathe at this time, you get your opportunity to get loose and run.

Wrist grab – scenario#1

Take the defensive stance with your dominant side backwards. Draw back the hand they are holding and drive in your free arm against their free arm. Twist your body, distract and strike.

Use your fingers to strike the throat or eyes. Run for safety. Use any additional kind of strikes in order to disable the attacker like a hard shin kick.

Wrist grab – scenario#2

Attacker holds your wrist. Step back into a defensive stance. Move your dominant side backwards. Pull your elbows downwards so your wrists are turned inwards and pull your arms through your attacker’s thumbs.

Deliver a hard shin kick, finger strike to the throat or eyes and run.

Wrist grab – scenario#3

Attacker grabs your hands behind your back. Get into a defensive stance and step forward. Lifting your knee, strike your foot into the attacker’s instep. Punch your arm out of the hold. Strike your elbow into his solar plexus and run.

Scenario#4 – Hair grab

The attacker gets hold of your hair. Step forward into the defensive position. Grip one or more fingers and bend them backwards. Hold the fingers in a lock or break them. If required, strike with a shin kick and escape.

Scenario#5 – bear hug

The attacker holds you from behind. Dropping your weight, broaden your base for more stability. Strike the attacker’s hands with your knuckle joints. Hit his face with pushing your head backwards. Use your open hand to strike hard on the groin. Go ahead and grab, tear and shake off whatever you can to introduce as much pain as you can. Escape to safety.

Scenario#6 – head lock

Attacker comes at you to grab you. Get your hands around your head so he cannot get a grip on your neck. As he tries to clinch, slip under his arm and get a hold on his arm. With your hold on his arm, strike hard on the nervus-femoralis which is situated a few inches above the knee on the external leg. Push him away and run.

Scenario#7 – battling punches

Attacker is punching you. Step back into your defensive stance with your hands in front of your face. The attacker will instinctively punch around your hands in an arm swing or hook punch. Continue adjusting your elbows with every punch. It is not important to precisely place your elbows since your hands are protecting too. This kind of block induces grave injuries to the attacker.


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