Here Are Some Unique Ways That Are Effective in Dealing With Various Health Problems

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If you try, then there will be many ways to cope with various health problems. Scientific research proves, various ways never imagined it turns out as good as drugs in overcoming the disease.

Do not rush to pout if someone suggested to put blue lights in the sink. Similarly, if someone plays music when back pain is a great-great, because the benefits of these tips have been proven scientifically.

Here are some unique ways that are effective in dealing with various health problems,

1. Blow the didgeridoo to overcome Sleep Apnea
His name may be less familiar, because wind instruments come from the Australian outback. Nevertheless, traditional musical instruments Aboriginal heritage is actually often used in ethnic music and jazz compositions.

Benefits of the didgeridoo to overcome disordered breathing during sleep (sleep apnea) demonstrated in a study in the British Medical Journal. In 25 patients with sleep apnea were observed, blowing the didgeridoo courses for 4 months may reduce the frequency of daytime drowsiness in up to 3.5 times.

According to researchers, blowing the didgeridoo makes the mouth and throat muscles stronger so menggurangi tendency to cover up the airway. If the airway has been relieved, to be more restful night’s sleep and daytime sleepiness are not.

2. Listening to music to deal with back pain
A study at the Cleveland Clinic revealed, regularly listening to music 1 hour / day for a week can reduce pain in the lower back (lumbar area) as much as 20 percent. Besides making muscles more relaxed, the music allegedly played a role in releasing the stress hormone cortisol.

According to the study, the effect will be more optimal if the music is listened to your music. Any type of music chosen will give the same effect, the kind of song better than anyone else on the radio option.

3. Fresh cherry to increase strength and muscle tone
If you want to increase the strength to lift weights, try eating a fresh cherry. Research at the University of Vermont revealed that two large glasses of cherry juice every day can increase muscle strength as much as 18 percent and speed up recovery of sore muscles to about 1 day only.

Ingredients that make cherry is none other so potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. According to investigators, the content will prevent molecular damage during muscle contraction in full force.

4. Botox injections to relieve the symptoms of prostate cancer
Not just for the face, Botox was also injected under the belly. For patients with prostate cancer, can relieve this way until symptoms such as frequent urination and pain accompanied by up to 30 percent.

According to research published in the British Journal of Urology International, botox injections in young men is more effective than drug-free and well pembedakhan risk of erectile dysfunction. In addition, the effect will last long so that in a year need only 1 time injection by an experienced physician.

5. Exchanging SMS to quit smoking
Efforts to stop smoking is easier if done in groups. In addition to regular meetings, members of the group can also provide motivation to each other via SMS.

According to research at the University of Auckland, is even more effective way. In a smoker who every day receives an SMS containing tips, passion and inspiration related to smoking cessation efforts, a tendency to really stop being a 2-fold greater.

6. Blue lights to overcome bad breath
The wavelength emitted by the lamp with a specific color turned out to have an impact on health. When researchers tried to put a sample of saliva under multiple lights with different colors, it turns out there are at least the number of bacteria in saliva is illuminated in blue light.

Until now I have no health light blue products specifically intended to overcome bad breath. But research published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology is using the same type of blue lights with lights that are used in mosquito or insect traps, so that such a turn on the lights in the sink while brushing seems to be an idea


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