Equally Sprinkled With Great Players, Duel Real Madrid And Barcelona in The Quarterfinals of The Copa Del Rey

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Equally sprinkled with great players, duel Real Madrid and Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey will run fierce. But by one of the performers in the last El Clasico and the same event several decades ago, Barca believed to still be won.

Madrid and Barca will meet for the 18th time in the Copa del Rey. Both are now struggling in the two-leg quarterfinals are held on Thursday (1/19/2012) pm dawn, and Thursday (01/26/2012) pm dawn.

Real Madrid will host the first meeting of counter Barca. For Barca, one of them this opportunity to remind the meeting of two teams in the quarterfinals 1956-57 season.

It was Madrid who defended a large range of star Alfredo Di Stefano and Francisco “Paco” Gento also have to entertain Barca have Remallets Antoni and Lazlo Kubala in the first leg. The final score was 2-2 at the first meeting.

With the capital to make goals in the cage opposite, Barca then the craze at the second meeting. Score 6-1 listed Los Cules at home, to qualify for the next round with a 8-3 aggregate victory over the Los Merengues.

“Both Real Madrid and Barca at that time both had a star-studded squad,” recalls Ferran Olivella Barca on the site, which appears in the game as Barca defender.

“Party of leg two is really magical, filled with euphoric fans in one last game at Les Corts,” he added referring to the old headquarters of Barca.

Olivella is in the second leg of the party itself scored an own goal if Barca predict era of Lionel Messi will be able to repeat the feat 55 years ago.

“I’m sure we will qualify, but we had two hard games against teams that are very tough rivals,” concluded his 75 years with 215 caps for the Barca.

Real Madrid called Pep Guardiola was always a dangerous opponent. In order to anticipate and counter-attack aggressiveness El Real, Barca actually called him to appear as usual.

For the match at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday (1/19/2012) pm dawn tomorrow, called Barca Guardiola will appear like any other game live. In addition to trying to dominate the ball possession, ball placement when we lose our position will also be crucial.

This must be done Barca in order to avoid a rapid counter-attack from the host. With many players have a high speed, ‘The White’ had a deadly counter attack.

“Be alert means waiting what will happen. Because there will be relentless attacks of Madrid and we can be sure if they will try to score goals. The only way to win this game is to control the ball and implement the placement is well positioned to avoid the counter-attack them,” Guardiola said.

When mentioned about the victory 3-1 in El Clasico final, Guardiola chose to forget that outcome. Football calls knows no previous events because every game is a new meeting notes that are not related to the previous games.

“In the sports world knows no previous events. Tomorrow is a new day and there will be 90,000 people who will support the team with a white uniform,” complete Guardiola in the U.S..


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