Men's Urban Clothing – History And Influences

From the phrase itself, {men’s urban clothing} refers to the trend and garment choices of men who live in metropolitan areas. Though the term originated from New York and Los Angeles, two densely populated cities in the USA, urban clothing now represent the fashion culture of men in big cities.

Men’s Urban Clothing and Hip-hop Hip-hop has significantly influenced how this fashion statement originated. When such music genre became an in thing, it has charmed its fans to dress the way its performers do. Loose oversized shirts, baggy pants, snapback hats, unique sneakers and funky accessories became the hits among the youth.

However, this used-to-be street fashion was eventually adopted by the well-educated and elite youngsters, making a huge change in the clothing industry.

Common Features of Men’s Urban Clothing:

1. Shirts – The outsized shirts have flashy colors, attention-getting prints and eye-catching patterns to get the attention of other people. An example would be sleeves or pockets contrasting the rest of the color of the shirt.

2. Graphics – Some graphics have a body tattoo-like look. Some use airbrush and paint sprays as inspired by graffiti art. Social and political messages are sometimes incorporated into the designs.

3. Jeans – They are loose-fitting and they come with large pockets at the back. They also have plenty of stitches and like the shirts, the belt loops and pocket linings are detailed in a contrasting manner.

4. Shorts – They are also baggy and their inseams extend below the knees or halfway to the ankle. Some pockets have stylish graffiti designs. Some denim shorts are either slightly tattered or made to look worn-in.

5. Undergarments – They are decorative and slightly showed off. For instance, shorts or pants are belted below the waist to give emphasis to the boxers. At times, undershirts are a bit stuck out to be more noticeable.

6. Funky accessories – Aside from snap-back caps, glittering bling blings, chains and huge pendants are worn to perfect the urban cool look. It was thought that men’s urban wear is just another passing fashion phase but surprisingly, it has become a way of life for many people.

Many thought that the hype just came along with the famous hip-hop enthusiasts and rappers and will eventually fade into the background. However, it has remained in the scene until now, most probably because it is tied up with music, a very influential societal factor. Apart from that, it is more expressive and stylish, unlike the plain and formal garments.

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