Does Real Madrid Host 1St Leg That Make Them More Favored The Bettors?

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Real Madrid to host the first leg of their encounter against Barcelona in the Spanish Kings Cup quarterfinal tonight. Does that make them more favored the bettors?

Apparently not. William Hill and gambling site Bwin sponsor shows that Barca will win more than a guess El Real would fling his nemesis, but the difference is very thin.

In two other online betting, namely Paddypower and Ladbrokes, Madrid is also not favored. At the very least, the same comparison with a set for Barca.

Madrid is favored to win in the Betfair exchange, but also by a small margin.

What is clear, from the four notes that betting exchanges, the match on Thursday (1/19/2012) pm dawn winner is expected to give birth, because the series does not predict the outcome of a lot more than looking forward to the victory for Real Madrid or Barca.

Santiago Bernabeu next morning will hosting El Clasico match the umpteenth time. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi championed so the first goal scorer in the game.

Such was the observation detiksport in Europe’s top three betting houses, namely William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bwin to Wednesday (18/01/2012) pm this afternoon.

The emergence of the two names is undoubtedly because of Ronaldo and Messi are the icons and topskorer while each club in this season. Especially Messi, he was now the most active players scored in the party’s El Clasico with 13 goals, after Raul Gonzalez (15 goals) is no longer in uniform Madrid.

At William Hill, Ronaldo and Messi got the same coefficient of the 7 / 2 to be first goalscorer in El Clasico at the 18th edition of the Copa del Rey is. While in the second position there is Gonzalo Higuain, Karim Benzema and Alexis Sanchez with a coefficient of 9 / 2.

Likewise at Ladbrokes who sponsor five names it as the first goalscorer. Ronaldo and Messi in the first sequence with equal coefficients, followed by Higuain, Benzema and Alexis.

Bwin is slightly different with a little more favor Messi over Ronaldo. For the third and fourth positions remain Higuain and Benzema, but Cesc Fabregas replaced Alexis position.

So who’s going to be first goalscorer at the Bernabeu on Thursday (19 / 1) pm dawn later? Is there going quick goals like Benzema did in El Clasico last December?


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