7 Disorders in Men Testicle

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Men sometimes indifferent to the condition of illness. Men usually only care about the pain when it comes to reproductive tool. There are at least seven pain groin pain in men who tortured enough.

Symptoms may include areas that appear testicles, penis and prostate as well as itching, pain, lumps, sores, rashes, swelling or a burning feeling.

7 symptoms indicating a disturbance in the reproduction of which were located around the crotch

1. Pain in the testicles

Pain or pain in the testicle is usually caused by one of the testicles rotate so that it can inhibit the blood supply and this can cause a stabbing pain.

This condition should not be ignored, because it can make one lose one testes. To find out the doctor will perform an ultrasound to see the condition of the testicles.

2. Pain in the vas deferens

This condition is probably caused by the tubes that carry sperm become inflamed due to bacterial infection. The most common conditions are gonorrhea, chlamydia, and in men over 40 years due to a urinary tract infection that spread.

If these conditions are not addressed, then later can make a person become infertile (infertile) because the channel will be blocked sperm. Usually the doctor will prescribe certain antibiotics and the swelling and pain will be reduced

3. Pain during urination or ejaculation

The cause of this condition is usually chronic pelvic pain syndrome caused by inflamed prostate gland. These symptoms can come from injuries, infections and other problems often associated with the body’s response to such infections.

To reduce them try to avoid alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine. But still consult a urologist to find out the exact cause.

4. cemenis red anddrippingcontinues

The red colorthat appearsin thecemenis usuallyderivedfrom thebloodduringearlyinfection.In additionthe volume offluidthat comes out duringejaculationto be reducedandwillcontinue todripafter reachingorgasm.

5. Difficult to maintain an erection

American Urological Association, noting about 25 percent of the causes of erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors such as disruptions in relationships, anxiety, fear and lack confidence.

To overcome the patient will be given testosterone therapy or drug Viagra can be purchased only through prescription drugs.

6. Red rash in the groin area

If itching occurs in the groin area, thighs and penis, it is likely caused by a fungus that grows in moist environments or use the shorts are too tight.

To prevent a person should maintain hygiene like changing underwear after exercising. If the fungus is not resolved, then it could affect the reproductive organs.

7. Bulge in the groin

If the protrusions arise after lifting something heavy, then there is the possibility of this condition is caused by an inguinal hernia occurs when part of the intestine protruding lower abdomen caused by animal against the weak. This condition will cause discomfort.


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