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If you are in the market to shop for a digital camera, mobile, laptop or a t.v what is the best way to look for the best price on the Internet? Google of course. But how would you get the best price if you don’t know what are all the on line stores selling the digital cameras, mobiles, laptops, t.vs etc? Even if you did, how would you go about comparing the prices without typing in the store url and spending a lot of time browsing the sites?

Easy. Look for a website whose mission is to provide you the best price by doing all the hard work for you.

AtRightPrice is one such website that provides you a price comparison of electronic products across many online stores in a visually pleasing way. AtRightPrice not only provides you the price comparison but also shows all the products with additional deals provided by the online stores and allows online users to pick the best deal possible. For example, from time to time the on line stores throw in a back pack, and/or a sunglasses for the same price in order to entice the customers.

All this without having to browse for hours online. Just like their slogan, it Save clicks, time, money and more by visiting

AtRightPrice website has a clean interface (clutter free), loads very fast and is very user friendly.  It has a powerful product search feature with auto suggest.

For example, if you are looking for Canon EOS 7d, as of this writing AtRightPrice displays prices from six big name on line stores namely, zoomin, letsbuy, flipkart,infibeam, indiaplaza, and buytheprice. There maybe other on line and local stores that may be offering this product that did not show up. However AtRightPrice team claims that it is continually working to provide product offers from the local stores and other not well known on line stores in order to bring the best price to the public.

So what products other than cameras and mobiles are shown on the website? As per the team at AtRightPrice, popular electronic products such as  laptops, tablets, televisions, games and more will begin to display at regular intervals . So keep checking the website often for updates on the product categories, new stores and local store prices.

And remember, next time you are ready to shop for a electronic product, don’t forget to compare the price on AtRightPrice.



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