The Best Phones, Computers And Mobile Tech at Ces 2012

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show revealed some exciting technologies and devices whose release is just around the corner. We’ve witnessed the emergence of the Ultrabook, the re-emergence of Nokia and watched how wireless technology is connecting everything from hard drives to cars to the cloud. We also were very excited to see both new and established companies truly push the envelope at this year’s show, which made our job selecting the most innovative products that much more enjoyable. Check out who made the cut for Laptop’s Best of CES: Laptop Best ultrabook: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga notebook Here’s a Windows 8 Ultrabook that literally bends over backwards to get your attention. The IdeaPad Yoga breaks the mold for convertibles with an innovative dual-hinge flip design that lets you use this device in four different modes. You can prop the Yoga up in stand or tent mode for viewing content on the 13-inch display, fold the keyboard all the way back for tablet mode or use it as a traditional notebook. Even with all this versatility, the Yoga weighs only 3.1 pounds and measures 0.7 inches thick. Better still, the 400-nit, 1600 x 900-pixel capacitive touchscreen supports 10-finger input. Expect this slick hybrid to launch at the same time as Windows 8. Read more about the Lenovo ideaPad Yoga Laptop Best laptop: Samsung Series 7 gamer notebook A gaming notebook that delivers a lot more than sheer muscle, the Samsung Series 7 Gamer sports a unique dial that lets you switch into a special gaming mode that kicks the next-generation Core i7 processor into full turbo and disables the touchpad and Windows key to keep your eyes on the prize. Plus, the gaming keys light up in red for easy access. When it comes time to start kicking you-know-what, you’ll love the 400-nit full SuperBright display, smokin’ Nvidia GeForce GTX670 GPU, and booming 2.1 Dolby audio system complete with down-firing subwoofer. Look for this beast to arrive in April. Read more about the Samsung Series 7 Laptop Best smartphone: Nokia Lumia 900 (AT&T) This long-awaited Windows Phone flagship device will supercharge Microsoft’s compelling OS in multiple ways. The Nokia Lumia 900 boasts a gorgeous Super AMOLED ClearBlack display to make those Live Tiles pop, ultra-fast 4G LTE speeds on AT&T’s network, and a solid unibody design that comes in two colors: cyan and black. An 8-MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics promises sharp photos, while the front-facing camera is among the brightest we’ve seen for video chats. Add in Nokia Drive for turn-by-turn directions–along with all sorts of exclusive content–and there will be a lot of reasons for people to think twice about buying an Android or iOS device. Read more about the Nokia Lumia 900 Laptop Best tablet: Razer Project Fiona tablet Despite its status as a concept, Razer’s Project Fiona Windows gaming tablet blew our minds. This slate easily separated itself from the sea of other tablets announced at CES 2012 because of its two handle-like joysticks and its ability to play full PC games such as “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations”. The 10.1-inch tablet will reportedly feature a Core i7 processor and run Windows 8 with a hybrid user interface for gaming. During our hands-on time, we enjoyed vivid, highly-detailed graphics, fast frame rates, and plenty of potential. Read more about the Razer Project Fiona Laptop Best camcorder: Sony Bloggie Live Proving pocket camcorders aren’t dead, the new Sony Bloggie Live is ready to catch every second of the action and stream it instantaneously to the Web with no fuss. Create an account with Qik and you’re ready to live stream, as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi signal. If not, never fear, the $249 Bloggie Live can use your smartphone’s mobile connection to send your videos out to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, DailyMotion, and Sony’s PlayMemories Online service. Plus, the Bloggie Live takes 12-MP still pictures–even while you’re recording. Read more about the Sony Bloggie Live Laptop Best tablet/phone accessory: Satarii Swivl Somebody’s watching you–or at least your iPhone is. The innovative Satarii Swivl base attaches to your iPhone or pocket camcorder and then follows wherever the remote goes. Use it to be the star of your own YouTube videos or to stay in touch with family and friends on FaceTime. This accessory is dead simple to use, too. Just attach your iPhone to the base, turn on the remote, and you’ll be ready to go. The Swivl is such a simple, genius idea that we can’t believe we haven’t seen it before. It’s available for pre-order for $159 and will be released in the first quarter of this year. Read more about the Satarii Swivl Laptop Best car tech: Mercedes Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience Mercedes Benz stormed into this year’s CES and turned heads with its incredible prototype Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience. While most automakers were busy integrating apps into their vehicles, Mercedes managed to re-imagine the entire driver experience with its augmented reality-based DICE system. This in-car tech allows you to manipulate the interface with hand gestures similar to those used with Microsoft’s Kinect. The system also recognizes other drivers, projecting on the windshield an interactive icon with a status update when another DICE device is recognized. You’ll also see interactive icons for points of interest nearby right on the windshield. Read more about Mercedes Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience Laptop Best new tech: Tobii Technology Gaze UI Forget the mouse. Tobii Technology’s Gaze UI eye-tracking technology detects exactly where you’re looking and treats it like the pointer on your display. We tried it out on a Windows 8 system, and, after fixing our gaze at any point on the spacious Metro live tiles, we launched apps. We could also sweep the screen to the left or right, or zoom using a combination of eye movements and touch gestures. We were even able to play a simple game of “Asteroids,” zapping flying space rocks just by looking at them. Though still a few years away from mainstream implementation, it’s one of the thrilling innovation that leaves us wanting more.

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