Exercising The Machine

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We’ve all heard many times how amazing and intricate the human body is.

Yet why is it that so often we treat our bodies with such complacent disregard and in some cases utter neglect, as if by some amazing stroke of luck it’ll just keep running smoothly all by itself year after year?

This bio-chemical, bio-mechanical instrument of the highest complexity on the planet and housing a most precious commodity is often maintained with less regard than the rusty lawnmower in the garage. Although usually at least the mower gets the right mix of fuel and oil and the occasional service – because we know what will happen if it doesn’t.

When your body breaks it’s a lot harder to fix than your lawnmower.

If you’re not convinced that your body deserves, make that, demands some serious TLC, then I challenge you to read aloud the following list of potential benefits of exercise without thinking at least once to yourself that maybe, just maybe there might be at least one good reason to make a little daily exercise part of your lifestyle forever.

– Strengthens the heart
– Improves sex life
– Reduces risks for heart disease
– Improves sleep quality
– Lowers blood pressure
– Controls weight
– Strengthens & tones muscles
– Increases energy
– Improves circulation
– Helps prevent back problems
– Can reduce risk of osteoporosis
– Strengthens around joints
– Can decrease the risk of some cancers
– Improves immune function
– Helps counter stress
– Decreases incidence of Type 2 diabetes
– Improves your mind
– Promotes better skin
– May reduce the risk of a stroke
– Improves digestion

All these benefits spill over into an overall increase in quality of life and often a huge social benefit in terms of exercising with others. Outdoor group fitness classes at the park can be an excellent way to get fit and/or lose weight in a strongly social setting.

But whatever the method, it’s just important to get in! Not only will you be healthier, you’ll feel healthier and you’ll look healthier (which will help you feel healthier, which will help you be healthier and so the cycle continues.)

All of a sudden, taking care of the 200 plus bones and 600 plus skeletal muscles in your body and all the amazing biological infrastructure that goes with them will be a pleasure and a priority.

No longer just hoping everything will kind of just keep on going (or worse, trashing that human machine with a constant assault of bad habits), you’ll give your body – the only one you’ve got – the care and attention it was designed to have.

Throw a sensible “for life” eating plan into the mix, and suddenly you’ll have a great sense of achievement and control over your life. Healthy and happy – isn’t that what everyone wants?



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