Most Popular Parrot Pets

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What are the most popular parrot pets that people commonly choose? The answer depends on a few factors. Firstly, there is the decision whether you want one parrot or a pair of parrots. Some species of parrots do much better when they are partnered with another of their kind. Then there are some species that a loners and just interact with humans and an example of these is the Cockatoo.

 Most Parrot Selection Tips  

Parrots that prefer to be kept in pairs include the Conure Parrot and Lovebird. Most other parrots mix well together with different species of parrot. These include the Eclectus Parrot, Amazons, Conures and the Regents Parrot.
 Do you want to teach a a parrot to speak? If so then it would be best to choose a parrot that likes to live by itself and that can mimic sounds that they hear. Parrots such as African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Quaker Parrots, Major Mitchell Parrots and Galahs are all birds that can quite easily be taught to speak. Budgerigars are in fact one of the most popular parrot pets and can be kept as a single bird or in a cage with other budgies.      What do parrots eat?      Parrots like to eat nuts and seeds as they possess tough curvy beaks that are suited for cracking the shells.While the seeds and nuts are vital components of a pet parrot’s diet; they do not account for the overall nutritious needs required for a healthy, lively and energetic bird. A well-balanced parrot diet comprising of pellets, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals and supplements can provide the pet parrot the much required nourishment.
List of Parrots foods 

Parrots happily relish small servings of raw or dried poppy and flax seeds, pumpkin, melon, sesame, guava and berries. Millet spray is considered to be parrot’s preferred delicacy. Parrots also love nibbling on assortments of cereals like oats, buckwheat and corn. Basically any fruit, especially the sweeter ones and fresh vegetables are suitable for feeding your parrot (with the excepts listed below). Cut the pieces into chunks so that the parrot can grasp them in their feet and let them chomp away and keep themselves occupied.      Foods to avoid:      However, the owner should refrain from giving the parrot chocolates, avocado, mushroom, cooking oil and coffee to eat, as these foods have a poisonous effect on them.      Given all this information you will have a better idea of what parrot pet you want and you will also have a better ideas as to what to feed it.


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