Spring Fashions 2012

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Spring is just around the corner, and many women are starting to put together their wedding, while other women just want to look stylish and fashionable. Brit-Elegance, Modern Sexy, and Feminine Romance are the three most popular fashion styles that can also be incorporated into weddings and other occasions.

Brit-Elegance is simple and basic, but has added details, such as floral designs or neutral colors. Lipstick should be the color of roses, with a matching blush color and nail polish as well as warm-toned eye shadow in brown or green shade. Colors in bright pink, coral, peach, and orange look warm and sweet. There is almost a vintage look about the clothes and accessories. Pumps have a floral wallpaper-like decoration. Hats are a must-have accessory, usually decorated with neutral-colored flowers or a particular color of roses. One-strand pearl necklace, a purse with a short handle, large sunglasses, dainty but dangling earrings, and diamond ring are all neutral-colored and simple. Favorite ambiance is a garden setting, where the party can enjoy tea, chocolates, wine, and hors d’oeuvres on a five-piece place setting that has delicate floral design and trim.

The Modern Sexy woman is often bold in personality as well as preferred fashion. Red and black are her favorite colors. Lipstick and nail polish are always red. Sheer and lacy fabrics are popular for this style, but the clothes and shoes tend to have modern, clean lines. Accessories also have a modern, geometric look. Accents on hints of sexual foreplay products, such as handcuffs, hearts, keys, blindfold, corset and garter, decorate a bedroom. This woman carries a clutch that has a digital camera, playing cards, and a little black book of all her past men that she still keeps in touch with. Chinaware with bold colors and designs and a martini drinks in a modern-looking glass can be enjoyed in a luxurious environment, whether a jet, Las Vegas hotel, NYC studio, or LA nightclub.

Feminine Romance styles tend to look soft and pretty in colors of white as well as pastels and powder pinks. Clothes and accessories tend to be in solid colors or have some dainty floral designs for decoration. Bows, ruffles, feathers, and floral pieces are other added accessories for clothes, hair and accessories as well as décor. Clutch, jewelry, champagne flutes, makeup box and tray are silver. For instance, a narrow headband has decorative tiara-like jewels to decorate the hair. Photo album, garter, place setting, slip and ring box are in white with some delicate design. This woman’s body always feels soft as well as smells pretty because of the floral-smelling body lotion she uses. A coastal café or restaurant is the perfect place for this woman because of the lovely view, ambiance, and intimate setting.


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