How to Be a funny mom to your kids

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I have always been a silly mom to my kids, they should know me by now, but they still fall for my dumb tricks anyway. I think parents need to lighten up and be a source of laughter to their kids. This is a good way to create funny memories of yourself that your children will remember. Here are some things I do to make them laugh; the next time you take your teenager to the store and they are running in to get something, park in another spot and watch how confused they are when they come out and see your car gone.

Another classic trick is when you are waiting in your car for your kid to get in and every time they reach to open the door, you pull up just a little. Don’t pull up more than a couple times or, if they are like mine, they will start getting mad.

You could do what I did one time to my 17 year old daughter and that was, one morning when she was sleeping, I printed out a picture of a spider from the internet and cut it out so it looked real from a distance; then I tip-toed into her room and taped it on her wall. When she woke up, still half asleep, she started yelling for me to come in her room and get rid of it. I went into her room, walked over to the spider, picked it off the wall and stuck it in my mouth like I was eating it and said wow that was good! She looked at me as if I had three heads, but afterwards we laughed our butts off.

Another one they always fall for is the one where I look at their arm or some other part of their body and act like there is a big bug on them, after they freak out a second I tell them I was just kidding, they always laugh in the end. These are just silly little things to do for laughs to show your kids that there is still a little kid in you.


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