It's a Long Drive To Florida And I'm Bored!

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It’s not only kids who can’t sit still in the car. If I have to sit for more than a couple of hours, I get awfully fidgity! Believe it or not, I pack myself an activity bag just like I used to when the kids were little. Here’s what I put into it.

1. I start a novel at home so that I’m well into the story and read for about an hour at a time before 

moving onto a new project. 

2. I have little packs of candy. At the moment I have a bag of Jelly Belly beans and I eat ONE AT A TIME

as slowly as I can. That kills a little time.

3. I people watch. You would be amazed at who you see as you pass cars. I’m still waiting to see my first

celebrity, and  it’s just a matter of time.

4. This particular how-to is being written in the car. I just wish that I could hook up with the internet

but seeing that I have two days to get through before I get home, just having the computer is helping and

it doesn’t cost anything extra. 

5. I also have a Soduko book that I really not very good at. That might be a good thing now that I think

about it. It can take me hours to figure  them out!

6. I count cars that we pass and then subtract each one that passes us. Yes, I do have a problem with 


7. I spend a little time working on the family tree. This trip was devoted to adding anecdotes. I wish

someone would have done this for me. I would have loved reading stories about people born a couple of hundred

years ago. I hope my decendants find my life fascinating lol. 

8. I brought two ipods… one with music and one with hours of podcasts.  

9. I count men wearing baseball caps or maybe cars of a certain color.

10.  I ask for lots of bathroom breaks. I might not always need them lol, but it gets me out of the car. I can stretch my legs and actually see people. Yes, I get that bored. 😉


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