Vladimir Putin is in Trouble

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Vladimir Putin is part of the Russian power structure since 1998 when Boris Yeltsin handed over the baton to him.  Now 13 years down the line Putin who is an ex KGB officer from the Soviet era is again  aspiring to become President of Russia in 2012, when the Presidential elections take place. But there is a fly in the ointment as the mood of the general Russian public is not inclined towards Putin. Partly this mood is  because of a disenchantment with the type of democracy operational in Russia.

 In the recent parliamentary elections the allegations are the vote was rigged and that’s the reason Putin sailed through. The people have gone on a demonstration spree and Moscow and other Russian cities are almost hostage to these demonstrations. The ruling part is alarmed and has tried to diffuse the crisis, but it’s not easy and the anger of the public and Putin for a rigged election is not something to be brushed aside. The Russian people actually have a longing for the old age of Stalin. His ills are forgotten and only his good remembered. In such a scenario it is very easy to ignite the passions of the Russian people. Thus a rumor or fact of a rigged election acts like a tinder box.

 The USA is also fanning the flames with negative statements emanating from Hillary Clinton.  The USA is scared of Russia and would like to see that Russia does not emerge as another alternative and super power. Putin is worried. But the fact is that Putin is a Stalinist era politician who has just  changed his cloak to become a democrat. His thinking is however moored in the Soviet thought of 3 decades back. This may be a draw back as far as Putin is concerned.

It should also be remembered that Putin despite all his failings does articulate the dream of most Russians for parity with the USA as a world power. In addition Russia has no tradition of democracy and in sum it means that despite all the agitations, Putin may still romp home. this  will be bad news for the USA as a Putin in power will certainly restore Russian greatness. We have to wait and watch



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