Useful Guide For Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction surgery aims at restoring the natural look, shape and volume of breasts after one or both of them were removed after a mastectomy operation. This intervention comes with a high psycho-emotional load for a woman who lost a breast or even both. In most cases, the level of self-confidence will be increased in every patient, as well as the quality of the social life.

Breast reconstruction is a powerful individualized intervention. Therefore, you should be completely aware of the possible risks that you expose yourself to when deciding to undergo it. It is indicated if:
1. You are fully aware of the limitations of the current therapeutic techniques
2. You do not suffer from any serious conditions that can prevent healing
3. You are optimistic and have realistic expectations about this intervention and the body image you wish to obtain after the surgery is completed.

Breast reconstruction involves a series of interventions. It can be done either during mastectomy and after the operated area is completely healed. During your consultation with the plastic surgeon, there are a couple of important aspects that you will need to discuss. Apart from your expectations and desires, you should also tell the doctor whether you are allergic to any kind of medication or what treatment you have followed in the past.

Smoking and drinking alcohol should be completely ceased before the operation. As for the options available for each patient, you should know that these vary and the surgeon is the only one who can offer practical advice in this matter. Even though the results of breast reconstruction are impressive in most cases, there are also risks of potential complications that can develop at a later stage.

Some preoperative indications for breast reconstruction are as follows:
* Patients should not eat or drink anything the night before surgery
* The use of aspirin or any medication containing it should be discontinued for at least two weeks, since it can cause blood clotting
* If suffering from any serious medical problem, including hypertension, vascular disease, diabetes, epilepsy or allergies to certain drugs, patients should announce the surgeon as soon as possible
* Smoking should be avoided for at least one month before the breast reconstruction intervention

The decision of undergoing such a surgery is rather a personal one. The patient will be the only one to decide whether the benefits of the intervention are more important than the possible risks and complications.




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