Water Your Skin To Remove Wrinkles

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Malls, spas, restaurants, etc. are full of fancy shakes, juice extracts, and other drinks that are purported to have all sorts of health and beauty benefits. It is possible to order a shakes that are especially designed to boost energy, cleanse the internal organs, prevent you from catching a cold, and so on. Of course, many of these drinks really are very healthy, but the downside is the spread of the belief that the more complicated and expensive a concoction is, the better it must be for your body’s health and appearance. People may become more apt to forget the benefits of simple beverages, such as plain water. Indeed, water is important for many reasons. However, in this article, we will stick to discussing how water can prevent and, to a slight extent, remove wrinkles.

Firstly, water helps make your skin more moist and elastic. People who drink a lot of water tend to keep their smooth skin later in life than others do. Also, by making your skin brighter and more vibrant, existing wrinkles may become less visible. Furthermore, the water helps your body to flush out toxins, which not only makes for healthier skin, but better health overall. If you can afford it and trust the cleaning/filtering processes used by a particular brand, drink mineral water instead of distilled water. Since distilled water is extremely pure, it is likely to pick up and dissolve nutrients present in your body, which means that these nutrients will be leached out of your system when you urinate.

You should not assume that other beverages can substitute for water just because they are water-based. For example, coffee is a water-based drink, but the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic (i.e. it causes you to urinate more). Therefore, too much coffee can deplete your body of water and certain nutrients, such as calcium. Energy drinks, which are more concentrated than coffee, have even more drastic effects. Though such beverages may make you feel younger and more energetic for a little while, they can make you feel-and look-older in the long run. Some coffee and the occasional Red Bull need not cause you to panic, but make sure to balance these out with lots of water.

Though water has many unique benefits, many people simply find that water tastes boring. In some cases, certain trace elements and minerals found in the local water supply can actually serve to make water taste slightly unpleasant. This might sound rather trivial, but it is a very real, significant factor in why some people do not drink enough water every day. Thankfully, Mother Nature provides ways around this: lime juice, mint leaves, and berry pulp are just some of the ingredients you can toss into a pitcher of water to make it more flavorful, and keep you reaching for your glass.

Recognition of the benefits of water for your skin goes beyond simply making sure that you drink enough water. Your selection of beauty products should also take into account the importance of staying hydrated. For example, you might try to take a metaphorical page out of Bret Easton Ellis’s gory satire American Psycho, or take a gander at its underrated movie version. Patrick Bateman, Ellis’s appearance-obsessed, murderous main character, prefers to use a mango-based facial mask at night, as opposed to the usual alcohol-based one, as the latter makes skin drier, and therefore older-looking. Stay away from skin products like strong exfoliants, unless you are willing to undo the good results of all those extra glasses of water. Try to use more natural skin products, or even make your own at home out of fruits and vegetables.


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