Self Defense Basics You Will Learn Here

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We have updated these strategies to suit our modern times. These strategies might be different from one person to another but mostly everybody, whether young or old is able to use them, though it might take longer to master them.

Repetition and teaching these strategies to other people will encourage you to ask yourself the underlying questions that make understanding these strategies much easier. When you begin your learning process, do not be in a hurry to go through them swiftly, go slow so you can absorb the concepts well.

You will find this system contains several different concepts. It is actually much easier to learn a few different concepts within a system for different kinds of attacks rather than to learn a new strategy for each kind of attack.

You will find here some very basic concepts used to make a series of break aways that are blended with basic placing and hitting. Together these will give you a great sense of the basics regarding self defense.

Maybe today you are living in a place where you feel safe and this book feels like it is unwanted, but would it always remain this way? Is the place where you stay expanding with new people moving in who bring in different thoughts and values? Will you move out of your place when traveling for fun or work? The strategies you learn through this book will teach you some new ideas. Look at the situation from a wider perspective and there is surely no harm in being prepared for the worst now, is there?

All the strategies you will read in this book use your gross motor skills so they are quite simple to learn as well as use. It is essential that these strategies and concepts remain simple so that they are easily executable under pressure.

Once learnt, go ahead and rehearse your new concepts with friends and family. As you continue rehearsing, these concepts and strategies will come naturally to you. Similarly, try out your new strategies in different settings like in the bathroom, kitchen or the garage. If most of your time is spent in small spaces then there is no point in rehearsing in a large hall or a gym. You must rehearse in a space that is applicable to your real life situation.

An integral part of your consciousness must be the ability to distinguish an enemy and know their movements and rituals that remain common with certain kinds of attackers. A woman will face a different sort of attacker than a man will face. Mostly women will be expected to have a situation where they may have to tackle rapists or muggers.

If you begin to understand the enemy, there is a higher chance of defeating him. These attackers are quite deceptive and the bigger the crime, the more the deception. Then again, not all aggressors fit in within the stereotype of ‘the bad guy’ and more often than not, you may not have to look beyond people you know and love. Domestic violence is on a constant high these days.

Try your best to not innocently live in your own little world and be more aware of people around who are outside your little world. You may not like it but there are definitely people out there who are up to no good. You may come across people like these soon or you may have already had an encounter with them. You could meet with an aggressor almost anywhere like the office, home, bar or even on the streets. Do not commit the mistake of turning off cause that is just the kind of people they seek.

Bad things do happen to good people as well and never for once think that it cannot happen to you because it may. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that something wrong will happen to you, it just MAY and it is better to be ready for it. We hear of so much bad happening around us all the time and just being aware of all that happens around us is a big step towards our own safety.

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