Can You Make Money With Writing About What You Love?

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I believe in it too – if you are looking to make money online, you must choose a topic you are passionate about. If you do not enjoy the topic, it will never work out.

I have always believed in the cliché a 100% but lately I have begun questioning this belief. It is certainly great to write on something you really love and it even works wonders for most bloggers out there. However, I am not really sure now if that is the only way to go about it. The first thing I do not like about it is this – if what you love to write about is not really profitable, it will be very difficult to make much money online whatever you do.

For instance, you could love coffee. Could you really write about it extensively if you wanted to make any money online? You could definitely create a great blog around coffee without doubt but if you were hoping to make your blog an income source, you would have to pick a profitable niche instead and spend the same amount of time and effort there.

The one argument against this is that if you pick a topic you don’t really love, you may soon loose all motivation to write about it. On the contrary, if you write about something you love, you will surely have content to last you years. Though there is truth in this, it is not completely true either. Making money and getting successful in your venture is also a motivation for most of us, isn’t it?

So, in reality if you start a website or a blog on a niche that is profitable and witness success, you will surely be motivated regardless the topic you chose. You may even research a bit and learn more about the topic if required. In essence, I think both the strategies work well.

Choosing a niche you love is a sure way to success as well as choosing a profitable niche and approaching it in a scientific manner can work. You can use tools like outsourcing or the plug-in for your wordpress. Google can always come to your aid, just type in the topic you need help with and add ‘community’ or ‘help’ to it.

You can look for a community or a blog where you can explore for some time. You will find several people out there who are going through the same troubles as you and learn how to create long term successes out of it all!


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