5 Tips For Added Success With Blogging!

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If you have decided that you will advertise on your blog or website, chances are that you are already familiar with Google Adsense. This is the biggest market for bloggers you can find online. Most people who advertise on blogs do pretty well for themselves.

1.      Ensure your blog generates traffic – this is the most important factor to ensure blogging success. Advertising success can be realized only when your blog already has huge traffic. If you list it before that traffic will only mean that the money you get will be much lesser than your site’s real worth!

2.      Improve your trust rating – every member on the internet has something called a trust rating. Advertisers are bound to check it before they place their bids. The higher your rating, the more eager advertisers would be to advertise on your blog. So, make sure you do all you can to increase it. For instance, ensure your Flippa account is linked with your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and your telephone numbers are verified.

3.      Avoid over-hype with the description – the only thing it does is make people think you are really desperate and that it could only be because your blog isn’t really good! Some descriptions you must definitely avoid include: “the opportunity of a lifetime!”, “unbelievable gains!” and the likes. Other than this, you must also avoid hypothesizing what a blog could earn. For instance, a blog that currently makes $10 per month with a description saying, “this blog could easily make $3000 in a month!” is a sure no-no. If you knew it could make so much, why would you sell the advertising space for a mere $10?

4.      Respond to all comments – even when your description is self explanatory, there will be people who will still have questions. These questions will come through in the comments section and you must respond to one and all. This will work as an encouragement to advertisers and add to your credibility.

5.      Have a good reason for wanting to advertise – the first thing that everyone would want to know is why you want to advertise. If you do not have a good reason, the first thought that would run through their minds is that your blog must be doing badly and you are looking to get rid of it soon. Think of a good reason for advertising, something that fits your blog perfectly and which doesn’t annoy your regular readers with adverts that are not relevant to the blog.


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