8 Tips To Optimize Adsense Units

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Adsense is the main source of profit for websites and blogs. Most of the times, if you place your adverts well, you are able to increase your net profit and click through rate. You can also improve material targeting or optimize the adverts themselves. This chapter will offer you tips on optimizing adsense units.

1.      The best performing ad units are these – 300 x 250 inline rectangle, 336 x 280 large rectangle and 160 x 600 wide skyscraper. Consider these first, however, do keep in mind that some other format could be more appropriate for your blog design.

2.      The most popular color for links is blue. The roots of the internet are linked to this where all major websites have always featured links in the color blue.

3.      Other than the blue links, you can use a color that matches with the pattern on your site. So, if you have used links in green then make sure the links on your Adsense are in green too.

4.      There is another rule you must follow – if you use a light color scheme on your blog, blend in your adsense units with the same background and no border. If you use a dark color scheme then you must contrast your adsense units with a contrasting background and borders.

5.      If you use the advertisements within your content, they do not require any borders. However, if you are using the adsense units outside the content, use borders to bring attention to them.

6.      If you have a forum where visitors frequent often, you can keep their attention at the adverts with rotating the background colors.

7.      Think about removing the message from your units where it says “Advertise on this site”. Simply go to the Control panel under the section titled “My Account” and disable the feature which reads “Onsite Advertiser Sign-up”.

8.      Last but not the least, appreciate the fact that all blogs and websites differ from each other. So keep testing with different formats and colors so you can keep tuning the Adsense on your site.

It is true. Starting and surviving well with your new business venture can be quite a fight; especially if it is an online venture. It is almost like going to war, undoubtedly then the rules of war apply well here – find the techniques for wining and use them from day one. It is also imperative that you recognize your basic requirements, that of clients who continuously discover you, fall in love with your business and returns religiously to you. What you must also recognize is that the best of the businesses out there have their mainstay in brand building. Can you ever not be influenced by a Nike advert? Who in this world does not recognize the golden arches? Isn’t it surprising that we may not be well versed with the current top 20 but we are sure to sing along with radio jingles? 


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