Do You Need Sponsored Reviews?

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Can we say the same about adverts on blogs and other content based websites?

So while advertisements are a lucrative business for everybody, can you say the same about blogs? Probably not. When you consider banner ads or Google AdSense, you will find that they are not the same as the editorial content.

So, if you had a blog where you had placed ads on the sidebar where your readers can see them, they could actually totally ignore them if they so desired. Some readers even go so far as to use ad-blockers so they do not see your banner ads or Google AdSense ads wherever you may have placed them on the blog.

So, what could be an equivalent of the television commercial for your blog? It has to be an advertorial. This is an article the advertiser writes about a product and adds it to the blog like any other post. One more option you may have heard about is the sponsored reviews. These are posts that a blogger would publishing where he critiques a particular service or product. Most bloggers like this option since they can write the content of the blog themselves and the readers won’t have to go through a different writing style.

Are sponsored reviews really like the successful television commercials? If you talk to an advertiser about paying for a sponsored review or a banner ad, he is most likely to opt for the sponsored review. Wondering why this is so? Because with a review, his product gets maximum viewability with your readers.

This makes a sponsored review the most lucrative way to make money with a blog. Only last month, one company offered me $1000 to write a critique on their last product! It fit in with the niche of my blog and was surely going to be a great read for my readers so I consented.

I am just wondering then, are most bloggers saying no to money when they do not consider the option of sponsored reviews? If you calculate, even one such review per week could add another $4000 to your monthly profits. This is a true calculation for most of the bloggers out there. The ad revenue is sure to double only if bloggers were to consider sponsored reviews. You can keep your integrity and still write these reviews. What you would require is:

ü  A disclosure that is quite clear with every review

ü  An honest review of the product

ü  Choose products that are relevant to your blog and those that will make good information for your readers

There are some unfounded claims out there that sponsored reviews could get you in trouble with Google. If you use the no follow attribute on the links you use in the review, there should be no trouble at all. Google does not mind sponsored reviews as long as they are labeled as such. The only thing you should wonder about is whether or not your readers will like these reviews and if they will really bring the projected profits for you.


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