Self Access -What Do You Aspire For?

The bad thing is that we are attracted too much by any useless thing we see on the side of the road and we forget our main goal in the process.

The same thing happens in life.

We establish an important goal, but we occupy our mind with other minor activities which keep us away from it. Some people create false motives which keep them away from the goals such as lack of motivation, lack of time, health problems, family or relationships issues and many more. One of the biggest enemies in the way of reaching a goal is your own mind. So it is essential to train it in the best direction.

It is time to meditate on the things you wish to do and get in your life. Write down all the things which cross your mind. Don’t use your laptop or the personal computer. When you write on a piece of paper, the words seem to offer you a better perspective on your ideas and they feel more personal. Just write everything you want to accomplish in this life.

Don’t avoid the smaller goals; they are all important. Focus more on the aspirations which you desire to fulfill in the next one to twelve months. Again, don’t be greedy with words. Give as much details as possible. Imagine all the colors, places, names, faces, events and situations. All these things are helping you make the future seem more possible and achievable. If you want to buy a new car, for example, describe it in details – colors, shape, features, engine specifications, how you will feel when driving it and which are the places you will be visiting while driving it. The following step would be to determine the period of time you need until each goal will be accomplished.

After finishing with the goals which can be fulfilled in a short period, concentrate on the goals that require more effort and time. Put them all on the same page and like you did with the short term goals, mention the required period of time. These goals should need a longer period of time such as one to five years. Again, mention all the details.

After finishing the list, you need to write down the current date and sign your name on the bottom of the page. This way you will make a commitment to yourself. It is important to check this list from time to time. Put it in some place where you are likely to check it daily like your briefcase or the wallet. Don’t hide it in some place you will never use and hence not see it only!

Try to read the entire list, every day, after you wake up in the morning when your mind is relaxed and calm. This will help you focus on the activity of the respective day in the direction of your goals. Gradually, you will be unconsciously focused only on achieving those aspirations.

You can compare your subconscious mind with the automatic pilot of an airplane. It has a direction specific destination which will be followed until it will be reached. There are many daily activities you do on ‘automatic pilot’ without even realizing. Just think about the time you spend to go to work daily. It passes so easily. The same attitude you need to implement into your mind in order to obtain important goals in life. This method will help you achieve anything. Never underestimate the hidden powers of your subconscious mind.

You can still update the aspirations you have written on the list by changing them or adding new ones. Also, if the conditions are not allowing you to fulfill any of the goals, you can delete it from the list. People change as times goes by and your priorities might change too. However, every time you fulfill any of the goals, you will feel good and motivated to carry on with the other goals from the list. Every aspiration accomplished will feel like a new success.

The list needs to be rewritten once per year. You should pick the same day of the year to perform this action. It doesn’t matter if some of the aspirations will remain unchanged. You can keep the old ones which you didn’t fulfill and also add new ones. It will feel like improving yourself year after year. 

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